WILLIAMSBURG, Va., March 28, 2009 – The College of William & Mary’s Richard Pearson and James Prim won the gold medal in the pommel horse and parallel bars, respectively, at the 2009 USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships, which concluded today at William & Mary. William & Mary’s squad won a total of six medals (two gold, two silver, two bronze), the most by any university. Prim went on to win two other medals, a silver on parallel bars and a bronze on still rings, the most by a gymnast in the individual event finals.

The U.S. Naval Academy’s squad garnered five medals, including two gold. Navy’s Dylan Parrott took top honors in the floor exercise, with teammate Joe Atzenbeck finishing first on the horizontal bar. Parrott also won the silver medal on vault.

The remaining individual event titles went to Jacob Schonig of the U.S. Air Force Academy for still rings and Springfield College’s Ty Evans on vault.

In the floor exercise, the Navy’s Dylan Parrott and Andrew Faulk finished first and second with a 14.800 and 14.350, respectively. William & Mary’s Josh Fried was third at 14.300.

William & Mary took the top two pommel horse spots. Pearson’s score was 13.800, followed by Prim’s 13.600. The Navy’s Adam Stanton was third at 13.550.

For still rings, the Air Force finished one-two. Schonig won his second straight rings title with a 15.500, followed by teammate Josiah Loeser at 14.900. William & Mary’s Prim was third at 14.600

Evans won the vault with a 15.300, followed by Navy’s Parrott at 15.150 and the University of Washington’s Sam Softich at 15.100.

Prim’s 13.950 earned him the parallel bars title. Kyle Bartgis of Springfield College was second at 13.650. Alex Gaudour of Arizona State University was third at 13.600.

On the horizontal bar, Navy’s Atzenbeck won with his 14.200. Jay Hilbun of William & Mary was second at 13.850, followed by the Air Force’s Jacob Houder third with a 13.800.

2009 USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships
College of William & Mary March 28, 2009

Individual event finals

Floor exercise
1. Dylan Parrott, U.S. Naval Academy, 14.800
2. Andrew Faulk, U.S. Naval Academy, 14.350
3. Josh Fried, College of William & Mary, 14.300

Pommel horse
1. Richard Pearson, College of William & Mary, 13.800
2. James Prim, College of William & Mary, 13.600
3. Adam Stanton, U.S. Naval Academy, 13.550

Still rings
1. Jacob Schonig, U.S. Air Force Academy, 15.500
2. Josiah Loeser, U.S. Air Force Academy, 14.900
3. James Prim, College of William & Mary, 14.600

1. Ty Evans, Springfield College, 15.300
2. Dylan Parrott, U.S. Naval Academy, 15.150
3. Sam Softich, University of Washington, 15.100

Parallel bars
1. James Prim, College of William & Mary, 13.950
2. Kyle Bartgis, Springfield College, 13.650
3. Alex Gaudour, Arizona State University, 13.600

Horizontal bar
1. Joe Atzenbeck, U.S. Naval Academy, 14.200
2. Jay Hilbun, College of William & Mary, 13.850
3. Jacob Houder, U.S. Air Force Academy, 13.800