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These resources are developed to provide our members with support in carrying out USA Gymnastics’ mission “To build a community and culture of health, safety, and excellence, where athletes can thrive in sport and in life.”

General Information

Being a coach or the parent of an athlete is a rewarding yet sometimes difficult journey.  These resources help navigate the “other” health and wellness issues you may encounter during this journey.


Proper fueling is key to our health and wellness and can have an impact on performance, recovery, mental health, and illness.  These resources provide tips for athletes, parents, and coaches on how to help your athlete fuel properly and how coaches can navigate this difficult topic.

Mental Health & Sport Psychology

Gymnastics requires a high level of mental well-being for safe and successful execution.  These resources are designed to help athletes, parents, and coaches recognize and support mental health concerns in athletes and improve mental skills to overcome challenges in sport and life.

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

In gymnastics, over 40% of injuries are overuse injuries which are almost always preventable.  The likelihood of having an acute injury (like an ACL tear) can also be reduced by up to 80% with proper injury prevention exercises.  These tips can help to reduce the risk of injury and help athletes to recover safely when an injury does occur.


There is a high risk of concussion in gymnastics which can have serious consequences for gymnasts.  When recognized early and cared for appropriately, athletes can recover more quickly from concussion.  USA Gymnastics member clubs are required to educate their staff and have a concussion policy.  These resources help athletes, parents, and coaches navigate this injury to improve outcomes.

What to Expect: Gymnastics During Athlete Maturation

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Athlete Health and Wellness Council

USA Gymnastics’ Health and Wellness Council was created to act as an advisor to the Athlete Health and Wellness program around health and wellness-related policies, protocols, position statements, and educational topics needed for our community. The Council meets bimonthly to discuss these items.

Athlete Health and Wellness Council members are representatives from all disciplines and represent multiple layers of the organization, from programs to medical staff to athletes. The current members are:

  • Kim Kranz, PT, DScPT, SCS – Chief of Athlete Wellness at USA Gymnastics
  • Dr. David Kruse – Medical Director at USA Gymnastics
  • Nicole Casady, FNP – Survivor’s Committee representative
  • Ellen Casey, MD – Women’s National Team Physician
  • Karen Cogan – Sports Psychologist, USOPC
  • Beth Darling, PT, ATC – Team healthcare provider, Rhythmic
  • Marcia Faustin, MD – Women’s National Team Physician
  • Annie Heffernon – VP Women’s program, USA Gymnastics
  • Patrick Lyell – Athlete Representative (former T&T athlete)
  • Taryn Moore, ATC – Medical Coordinator at USA Gymnastics, Team healthcare provider, T&T
  • Dr. Aurelia Nattiv – Sports Medicine Physician and independent council member
  • Jessica Renteria – Athlete Representative (former Acro athlete)

How Can I Be Part Of The USA Gymnastics Medical Team?

We are always interested in hearing from those interested in joining our team.

To apply, first review the Recruiting and Training New Medical Providers Policy.

If you meet the qualifications listed in the position description, have reviewed the “Recruiting and Training New Medical Providers Policy,” and would like to be considered for a volunteer position with USA Gymnastics medical team, please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected]