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Dusty Ritter Visionary Award

The Dusty Ritter Visionary Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated years of exceptional foresight, leadership, and advocacy for the U.S. Men’s Program. More than a service award, the Dusty Ritter Visionary Award identifies individuals who have become well-respected teachers within our community.

Dusty understood the evolving landscape of Men’s Gymnastics and had the ability to foresee future trends. As the USAG Men’s Development Program Coordinator, he motivated athletes and guided coaches through his oversight of the Men’s Development and Junior National Team Programs.

This award pays homage to a true icon in U.S. Men’s Gymnastics by being presented to leaders who stand firm in their beliefs and convictions in the pursuit of progressing the U.S. Men’s Program into the future.

Dusty Ritter Visionary Award Recipients