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Club Track

The Club Track is a level-based, recreational competitive program designed to promote increased participation in boy’s gymnastics, locally. This cost-effective platform does not require expensive equipment, experienced boy’s coaches, or a large section of gym space. The Club Track is ideal for clubs looking to start a boy’s program. In addition, it provides the opportunity to identify and train new coaches and judges for the sport. The structure, rules, and execution of the program should be driven by meeting the needs of the customers (athletes and parents), rather than what has been the traditional boy’s gymnastics path.

The Club Track has a simple format that is easy to understand and implement. Routines are in a modified optional format to allow for versatility, creativity, and fun. The program provides an opportunity for a boy to walk into the gym, join the team, and be ready to compete within a short period of time. Each level has basic building block skill requirements to promote gymnastics progressions with minimal hours of training, and a lower cost of participation. The program is also designed to provide pathways both in and out of the National Track, allowing athletes and their families the ability to choose what is best for them throughout their gymnastics career.

The Club Track is for any boy five years of age and older and wants to experience competitive gymnastics. Most boys want to feel as though they are part of a team, which would typically take a considerable amount of time using traditional gymnastics pathways. Because of this, boys often gravitate to other sports, where they can sign up and start competing or playing the

game right away with minimal time and financial commitments. The Club Track will give them that same opportunity to “get in the game” and be part of the gymnastics team. In addition, due to the lower commitment level of the program, it is ideal for the multi-sport athletes, and boys with other activities who still want to compete in gymnastics. Finally, the Club Track is great for boys who are introduced to gymnastics at a later age. The simplified progressions provide an expedited process of achievement that can keep pre-teen and teenage boys engaged and encouraged.

More information can be found in the Men’s Junior Competition Manual.