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Essential Elements Program

The Mission of the program is to provide accessibility to boy’s gymnastics through a structured program that can be easily implemented in a variety of environments and facility locations. The program is designed to be ‘cost effective’ and ‘space efficient’ for both the athlete and the program director. USA Gymnastics seeks to provide a program that can be implemented as a ‘plug and play’ package where boy’s gymnastics programs may not currently exist or as an addition to an already established youth sports program.

Our goal is to encourage fun and fitness through learning the fundamentals of boy’s gymnastics. Although the Essential Elements Level 1-2-3 Program can be used at any age it is designed primarily for pre-competitive age boys 4 to 10. USA Gymnastics believes that every boy should have an opportunity to ‘play the game’ and be part of the team even though they have not yet entered or may never enter competitive Junior Olympic competition.

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