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National Gymnastics Foundation Men’s Fund

The National Gymnastics Foundation was established in 1988 from proceeds totaling $1.4 million from the 1984 Olympic Games. Since that time, USA Gymnastics has received various Foundation grants supporting activities to assist USA Gymnastics in achieving its goals to encourage participation and the pursuit of excellence in the sport. The mission of the National Gymnastics Foundation is to provide for the sustainability and promotion of the sport of gymnastics and support the ongoing education and outreach efforts of USA Gymnastics through the preservation and growth of its assets. USA Gymnastics is the Foundation’s sole member.

In August of 1999, the Junior Olympic Program Committee (JOPC) mandated that a one-dollar donation, for each participant at any men’s sanctioned event where a fee is charged, be collected and sent to The National Gymnastics Foundation, Inc. (NGF) in order to aid in the funding of the NGF Men’s Scholarship Fund. The funds that have been raised from August of 1999 to September of 2020 have been, and will continue to be, used exclusively to provide scholarships to current and future collegiate gymnasts. Since 1999, the NGF Men’s Scholarship Fund has awarded over $990,000 in scholarships to 224 athletes with over 40 different university/college programs being represented.

In October of 2020, the Board of Directors of the NGF voted to update the name and purposes of the NGF Men’s Scholarship Fund in order to serve more gymnasts. What was previously known as the NGF Men’s Scholarship Fund will now be referred to as the NGF Men’s Fund. In August of 2021, the Men’s Development Program Committee (formerly JOPC) voted in favor of increasing the donation amount for the first time since 1999, from $1 to $3.

Why Is It Important?
Men’s NCAA programs have been steadily declining, leaving less opportunities for boys to pursue NCAA gymnastics. Recently, however, new collegiate opportunities have risen. In 2021, USAG used a grant from the NGF to invest in growing men’s NCAA gymnastics, which has led to multiple new men’s programs for the first time in 60 years. The GymACT programs are growing as well, with 12 teams in less than three years in existence. Collegiate programs are on the rise, and additional support will only aid in providing more collegiate opportunities for our boys.

Funds collected from October of 2020 and beyond will be used by the NGF Men’s Fund to provide financial support to the men’s collegiate system through increased individual academic scholarships to present and future scholar athletes as well as through direct support for new college programs. Additionally, the NGF Men’s Fund will be able to assist a wider population within men’s gymnastics including, but not limited to, elite athlete training grants and state/regional elite development team support.

How Does the Process Work?
The meet director for every USAG men’s sanctioned event is required to send the three-dollar donation for each participant, along with the USA Gymnastics Sanction Report Form to the USAG National Office within 72 hours of the conclusion of the sanctioned competition or event. Donations are collected by USAG and sent to the NGF, where they are stored until they are withdrawn. The application form for academic and training scholarships can be found on the USAG website and are awarded annually by members of the NGF Men’s Scholarship Committee. All withdrawals from the NGF Men’s Fund must be approved by the NGF Board of Directors.

Who Gets the Money? Potential recipients of NGF Men’s Funding include, but are not limited to:

  • Athletes who are awarded an academic scholarship
  • Elite level athletes
  • State or regional elite development programs
  • Men’s NCAA or collegiate club programs such as GymACT

Can an Individual Make A Donation?

  • Absolutely! All contributions to the National Gymnastics Foundation Men’s Fund are welcomed and greatly appreciated! Donation Form
  • All donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE!
    Please send your donations to:
    National Gymnastics Foundation- Men’s Fund
    c/o USA Gymnastics
    1099 N. Meridian St, Suite 800
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    [email protected]