COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.-Five-time U.S. Champion Blaine Wilson (Team Chevron-Ohio State/Columbus, Ohio) made a triumphant comeback at the 2002 Men’s National Qualifying Competition, his first meet in more than a year. Wilson (pictured at right, click photo to enlarge) earned a 55.7, while second in the standings went to 2001 world silver medalist (team) Guard Young (Team Chevron-Oklahoma/Norman, Okla.) with a 54.450. Finishing third was Young’s fellow world medalist Brett McClure (Team Chevron-USOTC/Colorado Springs, Colo.), who earned a 53.525.

“I think this is a new, exciting time for USA Gymnastics,” national program coordinator Ron Brant said after the meet. “We’re looking not only at new all-arounders, but also five, four or three event gymnasts, plus juniors coming up. We saw it all here tonight. You can see how our team is coming together.”

Out of more than 100 competitors, 33 advanced to the U.S. Championships based on their finish here.


Sanjuan Jones (HGA/Gym Masters), Justin Toman (Michigan), Clay Strother (Minnesota), Linh Hoang (HGA/Gym Masters), Sho Nakamori (Stanford Gymnastics), David Durante (Stanford), DJ Bucher (Queen City), Zach Roberts (U.S. Gymnastics Training), Kevin Donahue (Penn State), Adam Pummer (Parkettes), Charlie Jones (USOTC), Jason Blitz (Stanford), Dan Gill (Stanford), David Henderson (Oklahoma), Randy Monahan (Ohio State), Tony Pilavsky (USOTC), Kerry Adderly (Ohio State), Josh Landis (Oklahoma), Graham Ackerman (Cal), Kevin Tan (Penn State) and J.G. Ketchun (Illinois-vault only)


Class I: Paul Chumreonlert (Houston North), Curtis Kleffman (Parkettes), Dylan Carney (Somersault), Matthew Cohen (Top Flight), Tyler Yamauchi (HGA/Gym Masters) and Jake Lee (USA Gym World).

Class II: John Maurer (Mission Valley YMCA), Christopher Higgins (HGA/Gym Masters), Scott Garner (Colorado Training Center), Nick Campagna (Cypress), Ralph Rosso (Surgent’s) and Wes Aderhold (Gemini).