USA’s Kristy Powell from Colorado Springs, Colo., and John Roethlisberger from Minneapolis, Minn., won the 1995 McDonald’s American Cup in Seattle, Wash., at the Seattle Center Arena today.

Powell said, “I feel really great. I had a hard time even picturing this happening. I can’t even describe how happy I feel.”

“I’m psyched,” Roethlisberger said. “I had a great competition. For two days, I didn’t have any major breaks. That’s how I train and how I expect to compete.”

Powell trains at Colorado Aerials and is coached by Tom and Lori Forster. This is only her second event as a senior competitor. Roethlisberger trains at the University of Minnesota and is coached by his father, Fred. John is a 1992 Olympian and three-time World Championships team member.

The top eight gymnasts in the all-around were awarded the following in prize money:

  • 1st place $5,000
  • 2nd place $3,000
  • 3rd place $2,000
  • 4th place $1,500
  • 5th place $1,000
  • 6th place $750
  • 7th place $500
  • 8th place $250

Athletes maintaining their NCAA eligibility did not accept the prize money.

Women’s Final All-Around Results
#/Name/Country (hometown)/Score
1.Kristy Powell/USA (Colorado Springs, Colo.)/39.261
2.Ana Maria Bican/ROM/39.087
3.Amanda Borden/USA (Cincinnati, Ohio)/38.687
4.Cecile Canqueteau/FRA/38.356
5.Monica Martin/ESP/38.298
6.Elena Dolgopolova/RUS/37.474
7.Adrienne Nyeste/HUN/37.045
8.Eileen Diaz/PUR/37.206

Men’s Final All-Around Results
#/Name/Country (hometown)/Score
1.John Roethlisberger/USA (Afton, Minn.)/57.237
2.Dmitri Vasilenko/RUS/56.675
3.Rustam Sharipov/UKR/56.537
4.Valeri Belenki/GER/56.474
5.Zoltan Supola/HUN/55.850
6.Bill Roth/USA (Mohegan Lake, NY)/55.462
7.Hikaru Tanaka/JPN/55.450
8.Alexander Shostak/BLR/55.075

The 13th annual McDonald’s American Cup gymnastics event is a two-day optional all-around competition. Athletes from 16 countries competed in the preliminary round on Thursday, March 2. The top eight men and women (with a limit of two athletes per country) advanced to today’s final competition.

The International Mixed Pairs competition will take place Sunday, March 5 at the Seattle Center Arena. This unique event combines one male and one female gymnast to compete as a team. There are three rounds of competition and the winners are determined after round three.