September’s Women’s Developmental camp, held the USA Gymnastics National Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch, an official U.S. Olympic training site, ended last week. Many of the developmental athletes are returning after successful performances at the U.S. Challenge, Secret U.S. Classic and P&G Gymnastics Championships this summer.

Under the direction of Valeri Liukin, director of elite developmental athletes, the gymnasts returned to the Ranch ready to begin work on next year. Basics and physical abilities testing are an integral element of every developmental camp. The coaches, along with the national coaching staff, began working on upgrades of skills and combinations for the next competitive year.

The results of physical abilities testing were first place, Adeline Kenlin of Iowa Gym Nest, followed by Alyona Shchennikova of TIGAR and Aria Brusch of Cincinnati Gymnastics. Shchennikova was chosen as most improved camper with her strong work ethic and her progress on many new upgrades.

The athletes and coaches were sent home with training plans and will be back at the Ranch in mid-October.