Please attribute to USA Gymnastics

“USA Gymnastics is on a new path, with new leadership, committed to creating an empowered culture focused on the highest standards of care and well-being for our athletes. Since December 2017, we have made a series of transformational changes to more strongly reflect our commitment to empowering athletes, including:

  • Closing the National Team Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch.
  • Making personnel changes as part of a reorganization to ensure that USA Gymnastics has a fresh start.
  • Streamlining the Board of Directors to retain representation from athletes, competitive disciplines and affiliated organizations, while having the majority of the directors serving as independent directors.
  • Fully supporting both the U.S. Olympic Committee and Congressional investigations that we hope will shed light on how Nassar was able to commit these horrific crimes.
  • Fully supporting federal legislation — now a law — that will help safeguard amateur athletes.
  • Expanding our Safe Sport Department to include five new positions, four of which will live in the regions they cover throughout the United States to better support, train, educate and serve members.
  • Creating an Athlete Task Force where our athletes will help shape our organization’s future in its strategic and operating decisions.
  • Continuing to implement the Deborah Daniels recommendations stemming from an independent evaluation of USA Gymnastics’ policies.
  • Strongly enforcing the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy that:
    • Requires mandatory reporting;
    • Defines six specific types of misconduct;
    • Sets standards to prohibit grooming behavior and inappropriate interaction; and
    • Establishes greater accountability.
  • Making reporting of abuse easier with a dedicated toll–free number (833-844-SAFE), email address ([email protected]) and online reporting.
  • Creating an Athlete Assistance Fund, in cooperation with the National Gymnastics Foundation, to provide survivors of abuse with the needed financial resources for counseling and medical services.
  • Educating and training our staff, Board and members on the new USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy, where the staff and Board are 100 percent safe sport compliant. Beginning in 2018, all professional and club members must be safe sport certified as a condition of membership.

“These changes are a necessary part of a cultural shift that reflects our commitment to prioritize the safety of our athletes and members. We will hold our organization to the highest standards of care in order to become a standard-bearer for change.”