INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 19, 2018 – USA Gymnastics women’s program is holding a one-day verification event to select the U.S. Team that will compete at the 2018 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships, April 27-29, in Medellin, Colombia. Scheduled for April 8, the one-day event will be held at the World Champions Centre in Spring, Texas.

The six-person team for the 2018 Pacific Rim Championships may have a combination of junior and senior gymnasts, with a maximum of three seniors or up to six juniors. The competition format includes a team (six athletes, five scores designated for team on each event and top four scores count), as well as all-around and individual events for both the senior and junior levels. The verification opportunity is open to members of the women’s national team and other rising gymnasts who have been invited to participate.

“For this event, providing the gymnasts an opportunity to train, gain familiarity, and verify on similar equipment to what will be used at the Pac Rim Championships is important for the athletes’ preparations,” said Rhonda Faehn, senior vice president for women’s gymnastics. “We appreciate the World Champions Centre’s willingness to provide our current gymnasts with an excellent venue to train while we explore a more permanent solution.”

The factors involved when identifying a location for the women’s national team include, but are not limited to, safe sport matters like an open and visible floor plan, including for medical staff, and seating with an open view of the facility; ability to accommodate the training and event schedules; appropriate equipment; available housing; easy access and close proximity to an airport; and a few other logistical concerns. USA Gymnastics appreciates the additional offers to provide assistance in meeting the women’s training needs.

This verification event will use the same format as the February event, and additional information will be available next month.

USA Gymnastics is committed to creating a culture that empowers and supports our athletes. The organization has and will continue to take specific and concrete steps to promote athlete safety and prevent future abuse by adopting and vigorously enforcing the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy, which requires mandatory reporting, defines six types of misconduct, sets standards to prohibit grooming behavior and prevent inappropriate interaction, and establishes greater accountability. Other efforts taken to strengthen that commitment include establishing a dedicated, toll-free number, 833-844-SAFE, the safe sport email address of [email protected], and online reporting to simplify the process for reporting; building a safe sport department that is developing a comprehensive education plan for members; and adopting bylaw amendments to provide the basis for further developing our safe sport programs and governance. USA Gymnastics also has established an Athlete Assistance Fund, in cooperation with the National Gymnastics Foundation, to provide the financial means and guidance for gymnasts who have suffered sexual abuse in the sport of gymnastics to obtain counseling services. The Athlete Assistance Fund, a designated fund of the National Gymnastics Foundation, will be administered by an independent third party.