INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 14, 2017 – Five athletes have been chosen to serve as athlete representatives on the USA Gymnastics Athletes’ Council for the next four years, beginning January 2018. Elected by each discipline’s national team members, the newly elected athlete representatives are: Ivana Hong, women’s gymnastics; Steve Legendre, men’s gymnastics; Rebecca Sereda, rhythmic gymnastics; Alex Renkert, trampoline and tumbling; and Jessica Renteria, acrobatic gymnastics.

“I am looking forward to getting to know each one of our athlete representatives and working closely with the Athletes’ Council,” said Kerry Perry, president and CEO of USA Gymnastics. “Athletes are our priority, and we want to collaborate with the Athletes’ Council in building a culture of empowerment throughout the organization, with a focus on athlete safety.”

USA Gymnastics Athletes’ Council includes two athlete representatives for each of the five disciplines and the USOC Athletes’ Advisory Council representative and alternate. The members of the 2018-19 Athletes’ Council are listed below.

  • Women’s gymnastics: Ivana Hong (2018-21), Terin Humphrey (2014-19)
  • Men’s gymnastics: Sho Nakamori (2016-19), Steve Legendre (2018-21)
  • Rhythmic gymnastics: Ava Gehringer (2016-19), Rebecca Sereda (2018-21)
  • Trampoline and tumbling: Alex Renkert (2018-21), Austin White (2016-19)
  • Acrobatic gymnastics: Dylan Maurer (2016-19), Jessica Renteria (2018-21)
  • USOC AAC: Nastia Liukin (2017-20)
  • USOC AAC Alternate: Sho Nakamori (2017-20)

David Durante has served as the Council’s chairman for the past four years, and one of his final responsibilities is overseeing the 2018 Council’s election of the new chairman and the athlete representatives that will serve as athlete directors on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors.

“On behalf of USA Gymnastics and the Board, I want to thank David for his service as the Council chairman,” said Paul Parilla, chairman of the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors. “David has been a proactive and involved representative for the athletes, as well as leading the efforts of the Council. We appreciate all that he has done for the athletes and the organization. We also want to express our appreciation for the other athletes who have fulfilled their terms on the Athletes’ Council, Nicole Barrilleaux for acrobatic gymnastics, Kalon Ludvigson for trampoline and tumbling, and Syndey Sachs for rhythmic gymnastics.”

The Athletes’ Council shares the concerns of athletes with USA Gymnastics, as well as communicates information from USA Gymnastics directly to elite athletes. While it varies by discipline, athlete representatives may be assigned to serve on a variety of committees, including team selection, program and standing committees. To be eligible to serve on the Athletes’ Council, an athlete must have competed in World Championships, Pan American Games or the Olympic Games within the past 10 years, or have been a member of the senior national team in the past two years. An athlete may be elected by his/her peers to the Athletes’ Council for multiple four-year terms as long as the athlete representative continues to meet the criteria noted above.