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TOYOTA CITY, Japan, Dec. 12, 2015 – Marvin Kimble of Milwaukee/Team Hilton (U.S. Olympic Training Center), and Eddie Penev of Penfield, N.Y./Team Hilton (U.S. Olympic Training Center), won the pommel horse and floor exercise bronze medals, respectively, at Toyota International Gymnastics Competition in Toyota City, Japan. Competition concludes on Sunday, Dec. 13 with the finals for vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar.

In Sunday’s competition, the USA is competing in all three events: vault – Penev; parallel bars – Jonathan Horton of Houston/Team Hilton (Cypress Gymnastics); and horizontal bar – Horton and Kimble.

Penev grabbed the floor bronze with his 14.575. Horton was seventh at 13.400. Japan’s Kenzo Shirai took top honors at 15.700, followed by teammate Naoto Hayasaka’s 15.350.

On pommel horse, Kimble captured the bronze with a 14.750. Penev was fifth with 14.425. Japan’s Kazuma Kaya and Ryohei Kato took first and second with a 15.675 and 14.800, respectively.

In the men’s last event of the day, Kimble placed fifth (14.300) and Horton eighth (13.800) on the still rings. Japan again garnered the gold and silver with Koji Yamamuro posting a 15.250 and Keisuke Ogura’s 14.750, respectively. Germany’s Marcel Nguyen was third (14.650).

Tom Meadows and Vitaly Marinitch are the coaches for the team. Mike Juszczyk, judge, completes the U.S. delegation for the event.

For more information and the women’s results go to toyota-taiso.com.