PORTIMAO, Portugal, May 1, 2007 — Marlee Shape of Buffalo Grove, Ill., finished 10th in hoop in the junior qualification round at the World Cup in Portimao, Portugal, April 26-29. Also participating in the junior division was Anastasia Torba of Orinda, Cal if., while Lisa Wang of Buffalo Grove, Ill., and Julie Zetlin of Bethesda, Md., competed at the senior level.

In the qualification round, Shape’s highest finish was 10th in hoop with a 22.125. She also earned scores of 19.800, 19.400 and 20.625 in rope, ball and ribbon, respectively, to finish 17th in the all-around with a total of 81.950. Torba was 19th in the all-around, finishing with a score of 81.625. She earned a 19.525 in rope, a 21.200 in hoop, a 20.375 in ball and a 20.525 in ribbon.

In the senior division qualification round, Wang was 26th in the all-around with her score of 57.625. She earned a score of 14.475 in rope, a 14.325 in hoop, a 14.825 in clubs and a 14.000 in ribbon. Zetlin finished with an all-around score of 53.700 after scores of 13.850 in rope, 13.150 in hoop, 14.125 in clubs and 12.575 in ribbon.

North Shore Rhythmic of Glenview, Ill., sent a senior group and a junior group to compete at the World Cup. The senior group of Kristian Brooks of Corunna, Mich., Stephanie Flaksman of Northbrook, Ill., Krista Johnson of Downers Grove, Ill., Nicole Kowalik of Libertyville, Ill., Marina Ljuboja of Highland Park, Ill., and Michelle Wojtach of Glenview, Ill., earned a score of 11.750 in five ropes and a score of 11.050 in three hoops and four clubs.

Samantha Blumenthal of Deerfield, Ill., Nina Galoustian of Glencoe, Ill., Caitlin Hillier of Lisle, Ill., Sydney Sachs of Deerfield, Ill., Gretchen Trapp of Lake Zurich, Ill., and Shape comprised the junior group that earned a score of 17.125 in the clubs event.

Senior division champions were: Alina Kabaeva, Russia, all-around, rope and clubs; Olga Kapranova, Russia, hoop; and Anna Bessonova, Ukraine, ribbon. Russia won the group events in five ropes, and three ropes and four clubs. Alekasandra Ermakova of Russia swept the junior all-around and individual events, winning gold in rope, hoop, ball and ribbon. Belarus claimed the junior group gold medal in the clubs event.


Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup
, Portugal
April 26-29, 2007
Final results

Senior Division
1. Alina Kabaeva, Russia, 71.625
2. Anna Bessonova, Ukraine, 70.825
3. Vera Sesina, Russia, 70.350

1. Alina Kabaeva, Russia, 17.725
2. Anna Bessonova, Ukraine, 17.525
3. Vera Sesina, Russia, 17.500

1. Olga Kapranova, Russia, 17.700
2. Alina Kabaeva, Russia, 17.550
3. Inna Zhukova , Belarus, 17.175

1. Alina Kabaeva, Russia, 18.175
2. Anna Bessonova, Ukraine, 17.900
3. Vera Sesina, Russia, 17.400

1. Anna Bessonova, Ukraine, 18.100
2. Vera Sesina, Russia, 17.650
3. Alina Kabaeva, Russia, 17.500

Group, five ropes
1. Russia, 16.550
2. Bulgaria, 16.375
3. Belarus, 16.200

Group, three hoops and four clubs
1. Russia, 16.850
2. Bulgaria, 16.550
3. Belarus, 16.025

**Lisa Wang, Julie Zetlin and a senior group from North Shore Rhythmic competed in the qualification round, but did not advance to the finals.

Junior Division
1. Alekasandra Ermakova, Russia, 97.275
2. Daria Kushnerova, Ukraine, 94.550
3. Valeria Shurkhal, Ukraine, 91.375

1. Alekasandra Ermakova, Russia, 24.475
2. Daria Kushnerova, Ukraine, 23.600
3. Valeria Shurkhal, Ukraine, 22.675

1. Alekasandra Ermakova, Russia