GUADALAJARA, Mexico, Oct. 18, 2011 – Dakota Earnest of Plains, Texas/Acrospirits, and Alaina Williams of Amarillo, Texas/Acrospirits, gained a silver and bronze medal, respectively, at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

In the final competition, each gymnast performed one voluntary routine for both men and women.

Williams, who made her second appearance at the Pan American Games this year, was the first U.S. trampolinist to compete in today’s finals. During her routine, she almost went off the end of the deck, but recovered with a straddle jump and finished with ten skills. Williams scored 48.380, earning her the bronze medal.

"I was bound to never give up," Williams said. "I’m a fighter, and I was not going to go down without giving it everything I had."

Following Williams, was the silver-medal performance of Earnest. Starting with a triple front half in pike, known as triffius pike, Earnest quickly climbed the ranks, receiving a score of 51.470.

"I get a thrill from performing in front of crowds," Earnest said. "That is when I perform my best, and tonight was one of those nights."

Photos by Grace Chiu

The U.S. men, Jeffery and Steven Gluckstein, both of Atlantic Highlands, N.J./Ultra Twisters, placed fourth (17.010) and sixth (12.035), respectively. Canada’s Keegan Soehn finished first (55.535), followed by Rafael Andrade of Brazil (52.265), and Jose Alberto Vargas of Mexico (21.130).

Trampoline Individual Finals

1. Rosannagh Maclennan, Canada, 53.975
2. Dakota Earnest, United States, 51.470
3. Alaina Williams, United States, 48.380
4. Gemma Zamudio, Mexico, 27.775
5. Glovanna Matheus, Brazil, 21.115
6. Daienne Lima, Brazil, 15.250
7. Yunairi Socarras, Cuba, 9.835

1. Keegan Soehn, Canada, 55.535
2. Rafael Andrade, Brazil, 52.265
3. Jose Alberto Vargas, Mexico, 21.130
4. Jeffery Gluckstein, United States, 17.010
5. Carlos Ramirez Pala, Brazil, 12.180
6. Steven Gluckstein, United States, 12.035
7. Nathanael Camara, Puerto Rico, 11.325