GENEVA, Switzerland, May 18, 2015 – U.S. athletes won five medals over the weekend at the Geneva International Acro Cup, held in Geneva, Switzerland, in conjunction with an International Gymnastics Federation World Cup competition. The U.S. athletes’ haul was highlighted by gold medal wins by Aisley Boynton and Maxim Sedochenkov of Realis in the junior mixed pair final and Emilia Segel, Londrea Garett and Josephina Kievsky of Emilia’s Acro in the senior women’s group final.

In the junior mixed pair final, Boynton and Sedochenkov posted a 27.100 for first place. Fellow Americans Mady Marlow and Joseph McGraw of Acrobatic Gymnastics of San Antonio were right behind in second, earning a 26.450.

Segel, Garett and Kievsky scored a 25.960 in the senior women’s group final, giving them first place and the gold medal.

The Americans picked up another silver medal in the junior women’s group final when Cristin Connerney, Lily Dyer and Emma Bentov-Lagman of 1st Class Gymnastics scored 26.900 for second place.

Holland Koller, Julia Shrader and Amanda Shrader of 1st Class Gymnastics also added a silver medal, taking second in AG1 women’s group. They scored a 27.000 in the final.