GUADALAJARA, Mexico, Oct. 17, 2011 – Julie Zetlin of Bethesda, Md./Capital Rhythmics, captured the gold once again, as well as a silver medal, followed by a silver-medal performance from the U.S. rhythmic group at today’s rhythmic event finals at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

After a close second-place finish in hoop (25.500) between Mexico’s Cynthia Valdez (25.800) and Brazil’s Angelica Kvieczynski (25.000), Zetlin was still in search for gold after winning the all-around title during the first day of competition.

"I was just as excited to win the silver," Zetlin said. "But nothing beats the feeling of winning a gold medal."

In the second event, Zetlin scored a 24.950 with her impressive ball routine to win her second gold of the Pan Am Games. Following Zetlin was Mexico’s Cynthia Valdez (24.825), and Angelica Kvieczynski of Brazil (24.700).

"It feels great to win for myself, and my family and team, but the greatest feeling comes from winning these medals for my country." Zetlin said. "Helping with that medal count on the wall gives me such a sense of pride for America – I feel honored to represent the USA."

Shelby Kisiel of Missouri City, Texas/North Shore Rhythmic, the 2011 U.S. rhythmic all-round champion, also competed in the ball event final with a fifth-place finish (24.300). Tomorrow, Kisiel will compete in the clubs event final where she earned the second highest-ranking score in the all-around competition.

"I really want to medal and I really think I have a chance tomorrow." Kisiel said. "In the all-around competition I had the second highest score in clubs and that wasn’t even a perfect routine for me, so I think the opportunity is there for me to win."

In addition to Zetlin and Kisiel, the rhythmic group competition saved one of its best performances for last as the U.S. six-member rhythmic group performed a dynamic and powerful 5-ball routine to earn them a score of 24.850 and the silver medal.

"After all this year and in years past where all we have done is practiced and practiced and practiced, it feels great for it to finally pay off," Sydney Sachs of Deerfield, Ill./North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center, said. "We are all very excited and so happy that our hard work showed and we hope to do it again tomorrow."

Members of the U.S. rhythmic group of North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center are as follows: Jessica Bogdanov, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Megan Frohlich, Glenview, Ill.; Aimee Gupta, Orchard Lake, Mich.; Michelle Przybylo, Glenview, Ill.; Sofya Roytburg, Buffalo Grove, Ill.; and Sydney Sachs, Deerfield, Ill.

Event finals will continue tomorrow for Zetlin and Kisiel in clubs and ribbon, as well as for the rhythmic group in the 3-ribbon, 2-hoop event, which will wrap-up the rhythmic competition at the Pan Am Games. Trampoline will also conclude competition tomorrow with the individual trampoline finals.

Rhythmic Individual Hoop Event Final
1. Cynthia Valdez, Mexico, 25.800
2. Julie Zetlin, United States, 25.500
3. Angelica Kvieczynski, Brazil, 25.000
4. Mariam Chamilova, Canada, 24.100
5. Ana Carrasco, Argentina, 24.075
6. Darya Shara, Argentina, 23.900
7. Natalia Gaudio, Brazil, 23.575
8. Andreina Acevedo, Venezuela, 22.900

Rhythmic Individual Ball Event Final
1. Julie Zetlin, United States, 24.950
2. Cynthia Valdez, Mexico, 24.825
3. Angelica Kvieczynski, Brazil, 24.700
4. Mariam Chamilova, Canada, 24.625
5. Shelby Kisiel, United States, 24.300
6. Ana Carrasco, Argentina, 23.725
7. Maria Kitkarska, Canada, 23.625
8. Darya Shara, Argentina, 22.700

Rhythmic Group 5-Ball Event Final
1. Brazil, 25.050
2. United States, 24.850
3. Canada, 24.625
4. Cuba, 24.425
5. Venezuela, 22.250