At just 18 years old, 2012 Olympic all-around gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas has already written two autobiographical books and, on Saturday, ‘The Gabby Douglas Story,’ a made-for-TV movie about her road to Olympic glory, premieres on Lifetime at 8 p.m. ET, followed by "Beyond the Headlines: The Gabby Douglas Story" at 10 p.m. ET.

"I never really thought in a million years that I’d write two books or have a movie that portrays my life story," Douglas told USA Gymnastics in a phone interview. She is in New York City, where she will work this weekend as a Super Bowl correspondent for Inside Edition.

"It’s so funny because in L.A., my mom and I were driving and saw a billboard of me promoting the movie. And then, here in New York City, we were just driving by and there was a bus stop poster for the movie," Douglas added. "It’s so cool to see that."

Olympic teammate McKayla Maroney even got in on the action, posting a photo of herself alongside a billboard featuring Douglas in L.A on Instagram.



Although Douglas appears in the introduction of the movie, she does not act in it.

"It was a little weird to be on the set because the actors are portraying my family and me," Douglas admitted. "But it was a really cool process to see how they picked the little Gabby and the older version of me."

Douglas’ post-Olympic whirlwind does not seem to have slowed. She’s attended the Golden Globes and an Oscar party where she met Halle Berry, in addition to her work this weekend with Inside Edition.

"I just interviewed [Denver Broncos] Peyton Manning, and wow," the gold medalist gushed. "I’m still on cloud nine. He was so sweet. We had a really good conversation. He congratulated me, and it was an incredible moment."

Despite her busy schedule, Douglas has found time to enjoy her life in Los Angeles.

"It’s amazing to be back with my family," Douglas said. "You can’t beat the L.A. weather – it’s always warm there."

She added that she has resumed training, working out six days a week.

"Everything’s going well and falling into place," Douglas said of her return to the gym. "Hopefully, I will see you this year competing."