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The College Gymnastics Association announced that Stanford University is the first team in men’s gymnastics history to win both the national academic team title and the NCAA team championship in the same year. Stanford earned the 2009 national academic title by combining for a team grade point average of 3.394. Defending academic champion College of William and Mary was second with a 3.335 team grade point, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (third), Temple University (fourth) and Springfield College (fifth). The CGA also honored 75 individual gymnasts as 2009 first team All-America Scholar-Athletes for attaining at least a 3.50 grade point average and 55 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes for attaining a grade point average between 3.20 and 3.499.

The final top-10 in the team rankings are as follows (school, team grade point average).

  1. Stanford University, 3.394
  2. College of William and Mary, 3.335
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 3.275
  4. Temple University, 3.271
  5. Springfield College, 3.261
  6. Ohio State University, 3.226
  7. University of Minnesota, 3.193
  8. University of Michigan, 3.191
  9. Pennsylvania State University, 3.132
  10. University of Oklahoma, 3.070

OSU’s Jacob Bateman, Oklahoma’s William Russ Czeschin, and Temple’s Jason Russo and John Vogtman have earned first team Academic All-American Scholar-Athlete designations for four straight years.

The 75 first team All-American Scholar-Athletes are:

  • 4.0 grade point averages: James Prim, William and Mary; Jacob Messina, Oklahoma; Devan Cote, Michigan; Logan Wyman, Penn State; Charles Baysinger, Arizona State University; Andrew Stover, University of Illinois-Chicago.

  • 3.90-3.99 grade point averages: Miguel Pineda, Penn State; Torrance Laury, Michigan; Christopher Lynch, William and Mary; Chris Lung, Illinois-Champaign; Michael Bell, Ohio State; Benjamin Baldus-Strauss, Michigan; John Sawicki, Michigan; Jacob Sharpe, MIT.

  • 3.80-3.89 grade point averages: Ian Makowske, Michigan; William Godfrey, U.S. Naval Academy; Abhinav Ramani, Stanford; Steven Lewis, Arizona State; Kyle Bartgis, Springfield; Bryan Del Castillo, University of California; William James, Navy; Thomas O’Brien, Minnesota; Stefan Wallof, University of Nebraska; William Russ Czeschin, Oklahoma; Andy Saurber, Ohio State; and Matthew Holmes, William and Mary.

  • 3.70-3.79 grade point averages: D J Repp, Minnesota; Jacob Bateman, Ohio State; Blake Collins, Temple; Scott Bregman, Michigan; Rob Kay, Temple; Aaron Fortunato, Minnesota; Richard Pearson, William and Mary; Jacob Houder, U.S. Air Force Academy; Phillip Goldberg, Michigan; Jeff Bill, Illinois-Chicago; Jason Russo, Temple; Robert Stannard, Illinois-Champaign; Justin Myers, Ohio State.

  • 3.60-3.69 grade point averages: David Tilley, Springfield; Patrick Vaughn, Springfield; William Hay, Ohio State; Patrick McLaughlin, Temple; Lucas Hughes, Stanford; Russell Dabritz, Minnesota; John Vogtman, Temple; Daniel Culpepper, California; Andrew Kelly, Springfield; Matt Greenfield, Penn State; Matt Rayl, Ohio State; Nick Stango, Illinois-Champaign; Adam Reichow, Minnesota; Kyle Shanahan, Nebraska; David Mohr, Illinois-Chicago; Joshua Fox, Springfield; Brett Lazarus, MIT; Pejman Ebrahimi, Ohio State; and Bryan Hernandez, MIT.

  • 3.50-3.59 grade point average: Brandon Rhame, Illinois-Chicago; Jesse Kitzen-Abelson, Temple; Allen Harris, Penn State; Noam Shaham, Penn State; Josh Rusler, Nebraska; Christopher Mooney, Temple; Keith Stumpf, Springfield; Kyle Oi, Stanford; Roger Moulton, Springfield; Joshua Fried, William and Mary; Kyle Sneeden, William and Mary; Jonathan Hoey, Westpoint Military Academy (Army); Stephen Deutsch, William and Mary; Boris Rasin, MIT; Travis Heaver, Minnesota; Thomas Caldwell, MIT; Tony Maras, Nebraska.

The 55 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes are:

  • 3.40-3.49 grade point averages: Joseph Atzenbeck, Navy; Sho Nakamori, Stanford; Nikolai Korepanov, Illinois-Chicago; Sloan Crawford, William and Mary; Michael Paulus, Minnesota; Tyler Croteau, Temple; Tyler Robertson, Springfield; Eric Hergenrader, Stanford; Kevin Baune, Illinois-Chicago; Matthew Martin, Temple; Eric Haeussler, California; Brock Leinberger, Arizona State; Ryan Healy, Temple; Kelvin Soares. Springfield; Nicholas Noone, Stanford; Adam Al-Rokh, Temple; Timothy Monaco, Springfield; Javier Duarte, MIT; Jacob Schonig, Air Force.

  • 3.30-3.39 grade point averages: Logan Fiery, Temple; Evan Roth, California; Adam Stanton, Navy; Adam Hamers, Michigan; Derek Gygax, William and Mary; Timothy Gentry II, Stanford; Evan Burke, Temple; Brandon Wynn, Ohio State; Paul Ruggeri, Illinois-Champaign; Anthony Sacramento, Illinois-Champaign; Chris Bizub, Temple; Joshua Borromeo, Penn State; Jacob Ives, Nebraska; Chase Brown, Army; Ryan Lieberman, Stanford; Ryan McCarthy, Michigan; Andrew Crowley, Illinois-Chicago; Jacob Shapiro, MIT; Daniel Melzar, William and Mary.

  • 3.20-3.29 grade point averages: Joseph Catrambone, Michigan; Joshua Dixon, Stanford; Daniel Ribeiro, Illinois-Champaign; Christopher Valeska, William and Mary; Colin McGuire, Minnesota; Max Sabert, William and Mary; Diego Mercado-Austin, University of Iowa; Joshua Spencer, Springfield; Jonathan Buese, Iowa; Matthew Tocchio, Springfield; Michael Licari, Springfield; Ali Aleiou, Minnesota; Steven Legendre, Oklahoma; Nicolas Blair, California; Scott Bloomfield, Temple; Timothy J. Schmidt, Nebraska; and Michael Salipante, California.

— Cliff Gauthier, CGA Academic All-American Committee