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Rules & Policies

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We are pleased to be able to provide the rhythmic gymnastics community access to the Rhythmic Rules and Policies book in an online format. By providing access in this manner, we can assure that a current Rhythmic Rules and Policies, with all changes to date, is always available.

You should occasionally check this page to note any changes that have been made in the Rhythmic Rules and Policies.

  • All changes will be noted until September 1, of each year at which time the current text will be adopted as standard.
  • Only new changes that occur after the September 1 date will be noted.
  • This format will allow easy access to the Rhythmic Rules and Policies and will make it possible to provide you with the latest changes.

If a section has been updated recently, refresh your browser once you open the PDF to make sure you are seeing the most recent version.

COVER – Updated 11/16/20
REGION MAP – Updated 3/31/09


  1. Purpose, Mission and Code of Ethics
  2. Membership and Responsibilities
  3. Events with Foreign Participants
  1. Sanctioning a USA Gymnastics event

Age Eligibility & Age Divisions by Year of Birth

  1. Age, Level and Mobility
  2. Types of Competition
  3. Score Inquires, Difficulty Forms & Score Sheets
  4. Competition Regulations
  5. Additional Meet Director Responsibilities
  1. Certification
  2. Judging Assignments
  3. Judging Duties
  4. Evaluation of Judges
  5. Judges’ Fees and Competition Policies