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Future Stars Program

Talent identification is not a new idea; many other countries and sports have been using this type of program for years. The detection and selection of talented gymnasts helps both the athlete, and the sport as a whole.

There are many conditions necessary for success in Rhythmic Gymnastics. One of these is inherent talent or aptitude. Early identification of talent is one of the most important concerns in contemporary sport (Bompa, 1990,1985; Harre, 1982).

The basic underlying premise of the Future Stars Program is that the development of the youthful athlete can be best served if the athlete trains in a sport of discipline for which she is best suited (Harre, 1982). Future Stars Testing has been developed to help determine whether a gymnast is suited for the elite level of Rhythmic Gymnastics.


  1. Identify talented young gymnasts between 7 to 12 years old that are not currently training for or seeking elite or international level competition.
  2. Identify deficiencies in fitness and skill factors that can be determined through scientific testing and interaction with National staff coaches. These deficiencies will be reported to both the athlete and the coach for remedial work.
  3. Enhance the information flow and education opportunities to talented athletes, their parents, and their coaches to help improve the athlete’s training.


  1. Identify and notify young athletes, coaches, and parents of the inherent talent possessed by a young gymnast. This will help all involved in making intelligent decisions regarding the serious pursuit of the gymnast’s gymnastic training and opportunities.
  2. Assist the coaches in the development of these young athletes through enhanced access to the best gymnastics authorities available, in addition to other training and performance opportunities.
  3. To serve as a ”fast-track” for young athletes from the early years of training through the international level.
  4. To enhance the preparation of skills and abilities that will be needed for the international level and competition four or more years in the future.
  5. Provide for the identification of deficiencies in training and health that can be remedied by early and expert intervention.


The Future Stars tests will be given at the national level. Information will be available on the USA Gymnastics website as to when and where the test will be given.

Future Stars tests will be administered by the USA Gymnastics national staff for a reasonable fee.

Future Stars tests are open to all athletes ages 7 to 12, including non-citizens with a green card. Athletes MUST be a current member of USA Gymnastics.

Each gymnast will be tested and given feedback on an individual basis.

Correct position must be sustained during tests for skills to count.

Age Clarification

Age Groups – The athlete should test according to their age on the day of the Future Stars test.

For example:If the athlete is 9 years old in July, but turning 10 in August, she is eligible to be tested in the 7-9 year old category.

Development Team Camp

Gymnasts that are named to the development team and their coach will be invited to a camp. Click here for recaps of past camps.