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WROCLAW, Poland, July 25, 2017 – Alex Renkert of Columbus, Ohio/Integrity Athletics, won the men’s double mini-trampoline silver medal today at the 10th World Games, the Olympic equivalent for non-Olympic disciplines and/or events, July 20-30 in Wroclaw, Poland. Centennial Hall, a historic venue built in 1911, serves as the site for all gymnastics events in Wroclaw.

Renkert was the third highest qualifier to the men’s double-mini final, but scores do not carry over. In his first pass, he earned a 36.500, executing a tucked Triffus to a triple back tuck. With a medal on the line, Renkert came up with a layout full-in, half-out to Miller straight for a 37.200. His 73.700 total gave him the silver medal. Russia’s Mikhail Zalomin (76.600) and Portugal’s Diogo Carvalho Costa (73.100) grabbed the gold and bronze medals, respectively. Renkert’s silver medal is the first in men’s double-mini for Team USA at the World Games since its inclusion in 2001.

In the acrobatic gymnastics women’s group final, Sophie Gruszka, Morgan Sweeney and Amanda Waterson, all of Livermore, Calif./West Coast Training Academy, advanced to the final in fourth position. The trio earned a 27.920 for their Bollywood-themed routine, which included a throw to pike full-in and an assisted double layout. They finished fourth.

Rachel Thevenot of Metairie, La./Elmwood Gymnastics Academy, advanced to the women’s tumbling final in fourth place. She posted a 28.100 on her first run in the final, losing momentum down the tumbling strip and coming up short on a double pike dismount. Her second pass was a full-twisting whip back through to a pike full-in. Finishing in eighth place, she earned a 28.700 for a 56.800 total.

Gymnastics competition at the World Games’ wraps up tomorrow with qualifications and finals for acro’s men’s group, and women’s double mini-trampoline, men’s tumbling and women’s synchronized trampoline.

Governed by the International World Games Association (IWGA) and recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), this multi-sport event is held every four years in the year following the summer Olympics. The World Games features competition in 37 sports with more than 4,500 athletes from around the world.

Four gymnastics disciplines with a total of 20 medal events are included in the program for the 2017 World Games. The breakdown of the 326 gymnasts participating is: 78 athletes, acrobatic gymnastics; 144, aerobic gymnastics; 24 athletes, rhythmic gymnastics; and 80 athletes, trampoline and tumbling.

The Olympic Channel will broadcast select events from the World Games. The World Games will also be live streamed on OlympicChannel.com, the Olympic Channel app, NBCSports.com, and the NBC Sports app.

For more information on gymnastics at the World Games, click here. For information on the World Games in general including a complete schedule, go to theworldgames2017.com.

Acrobatic gymnastics
Acrobatic gymnastics first appeared at the 1993 World Games in The Hague, Netherlands. In 2017, 78 athletes make up the field for the five events: women’s pair, mixed pair, men’s pair, women’s group and men’s group. The women’s group has three gymnasts, and the men’s group has four gymnasts. The top four pairs/groups in the qualification round (which features one dynamic and one balance exercise) advance to the finals (one combined exercise).

Trampoline and tumbling
Tumbling and individual and synchronized trampoline have been included in the World Games since the event debuted in 1981 in Santa Clara, Calif. Double mini-trampoline was added to the World Games in 2001. Individual trampoline joined the Olympic Games program in 2000, which resulted in its removal from the World Games. The trampoline field in Wroclaw features 80 athletes competing in three disciplines: synchronized trampoline (40), double mini-trampoline (20); and tumbling (20). Ten athletes/pairs per discipline will compete in qualifying, in each discipline, the top eight athletes from preliminary competition, with a limit of one per country, qualify for finals.