Head Coach Peter Kormann, Blaine Wilson, Morgan Hamm, Paul Hamm, John Roethlisberger, Stephen McCain, Sean Townsend

– “They each have a very unique story, they each have had to overcome a lot of hardships in the last year. The two Hamms, Paul and Morgan, are two of the youngest gymnasts we have ever had in the U.S. team, in the history of U.S. Olympic gymnastics competition. These guys will be overcoming youth and experience, they are great gymnasts and the first identical twins ever on an American team male or female in the sport of Gymnastics. John Roethlisberger is 30 years old competing in his 3rd Olympics, John is the heart and soul of our team.”

Asked to describe the difference between this team and previous teams he had been a part of…

“I have been on a lot of great teams with a lot of great guys and this is another one of those teams, it is definitely by far the most talented team I have ever been a part of.”

When asked what is was like to first walk into the competition venue..

“I have dreamed of making the Olympic team for 17 years. Today when we were walking into the gym, just to see the whole venue and taking it all in, myself, I was a bit overwhelmed and started crying a little bit. The feeling is so Olympic, it is so strong.”

About overcoming injury..

– “When I walked into that gym, there was no way I couldn’t compete.”

Commenting on the perception that there are no expectations from the team…

Blaine Wilson-
“We are going to go out there and do our job. We are here to win. When we go home we are going to be proud because we know that we did our job the best we can do.”

“We have so much pride in our country and so much pride in our team.”

Commenting on what the team would like to accomplish here…

“This time I am going to go out there and be a little more clean. That’s the name of the game, clean.”