LYON, France – The USA’s Ashley Priess of Hamilton, Ohio/Cincinnati Gymnastics, and Yewki Tomita of Tucson, Ariz./Team Chevron, won the balance beam and horizontal bar, respectively, at the World Cup stop in Lyon, France. The U.S. contingent won a total of five medals.

Kassi Price of Plantation, Fla./Orlando Metro, and Priess both scored a 14.600 in the uneven bars, finishing behind Jana Sikulova of the Czech Republic (14.700). Price also finished third in the vault, and fourth in the floor exercise, both of which were won by China’s Cheng Fei.

Kevin Tan of Fremont, Calif./Team Chevron, finished fourth in the still rings, which was won by Russia’s Alexander Safoshkin. Other champions for the men’s events were: floor exercise, Marian Dragulescu, Romania; pommel horse, Ilie-Daniel Popescu, Romania; vault, Dragulescu; parallel bars, Mitja Petrovsek, Slovenia; and horizontal bars, Tomita.

The competition in Lyon, which featured individual event competition, is one of a series of World Cup events held in various cities around the world. The eight gymnasts in each of the events advanced to the final round based on performances in the preliminary round.

2006 World Cup
March 19, 2006
Lyon France

Floor exercise

1. Marian Dragulescu, Romania, 15.725
2. Diego Hypolito, Brazil, 15.525
3. Zou Kai, China, 15.350

Pommel horse

1. Ilie-Daniel Popescu, Romania, 15.175
2. Merdinyan Harutyun, Armenia, 15.125
3. Krisztian Berki, Hungary, 14.975

Still rings

1. Alexander Safoshkin, Russia, 16.425
2. Yang Wei, China, 16.250
3. Yuri Van Gelder, Netherlands, 16.050
4. Kevin Tan, USA, 15.525


1. Marian Dragulescu, Romania, 16.587
2. Andre Isayev, Ukraine, 16.312
3. Diego Hypolito, Brazil, 16.125

Parallel Bars
1. Mitja Petrovsek, Slovenia, 15.875
2. Sergei Khorokhordin, Russia, 15.250
3. Yann Cucherat, France, 15.200
    Vasileios Tsolakidis, Greece, 15.200

Horizontal Bar
1. Yewki Tomita, USA, 15.425
2. Zou Kai, China, 15.250
3. Ryota Suzuki, Japan, 15.200


1. Cheng Fei, China, 14.987
2. Jana Komrskova, Czech Republic, 14.512
3. Kassi Price, USA, 14.387

Uneven Bars

1. Jana Sikulova, Czech Republic, 14.700
2. Kassi Price, USA, 14.600
    Ashley Priess, USA, 14.600

Balance Beam

1. Ashley Priess, USA, 14.675
2. Ariella Kaeslin, Switzerland, 14.350
3. Sandra Izbasa, Romania, 14.200

Floor exercise

1. Cheng Fei, China, 14.975
2. Sandra Izbasa, Romania, 14.950
3. Olga Sherbatyhkh, Ukraine, 14.100
4. Kassi Price, USA, 13.875