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GLASGOW, Great Britain, Dec. 6, 2014 – John Orozco of the Bronx, N.Y./Team Hilton HHonors (U.S. Olympic Training Center), won the bronze medal in the all-around today at the 2014 Glasgow World Cup in Glasgow, Scotland. The event is the second of three events in International Gymnastics Federation’s all-around World Cup series, which concludes at the AT&T American Cup on March 7.

Ukraine’s Oleg Verniaiev won the title with 91.598, followed by Japan’s Yusuke Tanaka, 89.865, and Orozco, 86.865.

Orozco entered the final rotation in bronze medal position and performed well on the high bar, executing a layout Tkatchev with a full twist to begin his routine. He soared high on a layout Tkatchev, a Tkatchev-half and a Yamawaki before dismounting with a full-twisting double layout. His 15.133 gave him the bronze medal.

Earlier, Orozco got his competition underway on the floor exercise with a 14.933. He tumbled a back two-and-a-half to a front full, a tucked double-double and dismounted with a half-in, half-out. On the pommel horse, Orozco fought to stay on but committed several errors throughout the exercise. He scored a 12.633.

On the still rings, Orozco posted a 14.900 after opening his routine with an impressive Azarian L-cross, push to Maltese, bounce cross sequence. He dismounted with a stuck one-and-a-half twisting, double back. In the fourth rotation, Orozco performed a Kasamatsu half on vault for a 13.866.

Orozco was spectacular on the parallel bars, showing the form that won him a World bronze medal on the event in 2013. He mounted with a Peach to handstand into a front uprise double back. Sticking his double pike dismount, he posted a 15.400.