The 2014 May Elite Squad Development Camp concluded at the Karoyli Ranch, a U.S. Olympic Training Center. Gymnasts invited were based on the results of the 2014 Colorado Invitational and Challenge and Squad selection. The camp was under the direction of Squad Development Coordinator, Lana Lashoff, and included a guest expert from the Belarus Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation as well as National Team ballet instructor, Sonya Yankova.

Camp objectives included ballet, apparatus and body technique, routine and competition preparation.

Participating gymnasts:
1. Evita Griskenas-Illinois Rhythmics
2. Natalie Bourdand-North Shore Rhythmics
3. Liana Cliff-World Rhythmics
4. Nikita Tang-Isadora
5. Alexandra Ladan-North Shore Rhythmics
6. Vasilisa Neschteret-Rhythmic Art
7. Lili Mizuno-Rhythmic Academy of Marin
8. Daria Baltovich-North Shore Rhythmics
9. Geena Poldnev-California Rhythms
10. Eliza Cohen-California Rhythms
11. Karine Dennisova-North Shore Rhythmics
12. Elizabeth Kapitonova-Isadora
13. Rebecca Tang-Isadora
14. Sydney Rhoades-Tampa Bay
15. Sema Konya-Liberty
16. Katelyn Wong-Diana’s
17. Marina Cridge-Indiana
18. Lily Avila-Illinois Rhythmics
19. Nerea Franics-Miami Gymnastics