CYPRUS – Rachel Marmer of Los Angeles won the junior division’s all-around gold medal at the Aphrodite International Rhythmic Competition in Cyprus on July 9. Marmer, the sole U.S. athlete, earned a total of 52.5333 points to finish ahead of Israel’s Viki Portnov and Germany’s Johanna Gabor, who finished second and third, respectively.

Marmer, a two-time U.S. junior champion, also won the hoop event with a score of 13.8333, finishing ahead of Belarus’ Elisabeta Bagrova and Portnov. The 13-year-old also placed second in rope behind Gabor.
Marmer trains at the Hollywood Academy and has been on the junior national team for two years. Earlier this year, she earned five medals at the Torneio Internacional de Portimao in Portimao, Portugal: gold, ribbon; silver, rope and hoop; and bronze, all-around and clubs.

Medalists at the Aphrodite International Rhythmic Competition

All Around
  1. Rachel Marmer (USA) – 52.5333
  2. Viki Portnov (ISR) – 51.8333
  3. Johanna Gabor (GER) – 50.8833
  1. Johanna Gabor (GER) – 14.2833
  2. Rachel Marmer (USA) – 13.8167
  3. Loukia Trikomiti (CYP) – 13.2000
  1. Rachel Marmer (USA) – 13.8333
  2. Elisabeta Bagrova (BLR) – 13.3167
  3. Viki Portnov (iSR) – 13.2333
  1. Elisabeta Bagrova (BLR) – 14.5833
  2. Loukia Trikomiti (CYP) – 14.0000
  3. Johanna Gabor (GER) – 13.6500
  1. Johanna Gabor Germany 15.0667
  2. Loukia Trikomiti Cyprus 14.1333
  3. Viki Portnov Israel 13.3000