AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – Kalon Ludvigson, 22, of Pocatello, Idaho, participated in the Unive Gym Gala, a tour of gymnastics champions in three cities in the Netherlands (Eindhoven, Almere, and Groningen) Dec. 17-19. Ludvigson participated in the tumbling spectacular with World champions Anna Korobeynikova, Tagir Murtazaev and Andrei Krylov and World Cup Series winner Mikhail Kostyanov, all from Russia. The show also included with world artistic gymnastics champions Vlasios Maras and Lefterios Kosmidis of Greece, Ariella Kaeslin of Switzerland, and Jeffrey Wammes and Epke Zonderland of the Netherlands; and 2004 Olympic trampoline champion Anna Dogonadze of Germany.


The tumblers at the Unive Gym Gala were, from left to right: Russia’s Mikhail Kostyanov, Tagir Murtazaev and Andrei Krylov; Kalon Ludvigson, USA; and Anna Korobeynikova, Russia.