USA athletes won gold medals in the men’s and women’s power tumbling competition at the FIG Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup Final. Rayshine Harris from Newark, NJ and Amanda Lentz from Seminole, TX won their respective divisions at the final event of the 1998/1999 World Cup Series in Tavira. Portugal. They qualified by attending competitions in Belgium, France, Poland, USA and Canada.
Harris, representing Flip City Tumblers, received a total score of 29.07. His 11.6 DD routine was round-off, flic, full-in-full-out-straight, whip, whip, flic, flic, full-in-double-full out straight. Lentz earned a total score of 26.07 performing round-off, flic, full-in straight, whip, whip, flic, flic, full-in tuck. She is a member of Air Extreme.
In the men’s division, Daniel Avakian of Russia was 2nd with a score of 27.93 and Tomaesz Kies of Poland finished 3rd with 27.20. Lentz finished ahead of Melanie Avisse of France, who scored 25.63 and Chrystel Robert, also of France, who scored 24.90.
The 1999/2000 World Cup Series begins in May with competitions in Aachen, Germany and St. Petersburg, Russia. The USA and Canada will conduct the final two competitions in the summer of 2000. The 1999/2000 World Cup Final has not been assigned.