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Elizabeth Price showed her all-around prowess on the world stage in late 2012, winning the World Cup all-around titles in Germany and in Scotland. The 16-year-old Parkettes standout used her time wisely after being a replacement athlete for the Olympic Games, by training hard and preparing for international competition. It all paid off when the gold medals were placed around her neck after each of the World Cup events.

Her success also earned her an invitation to the prestigious American Cup, to be held March 2 in Worcester, Mass. Elizabeth, nicknamed Ebee, was really looking forward to this event.

Unfortunately, she has to withdraw from the American Cup competition due to a minor injury. USA Gymnastics caught up with Ebee to find out what happened and how she is doing.

USA Gymnastics: We heard you have a minor injury and had to withdraw from the American Cup event. Can you tell us what happened?

Price: I hurt my hip doing leaps one day on floor. It wasn’t that bad so I continued to train. A couple days later, I hurt my hip again doing bars. This time, when it hurt, I stopped and iced. My coaches suggested I go to a doctor, which I did. After an MRI, my doctor said I had strained my hip muscle, and I needed to let it rest and heal for a few weeks.

I could have pushed through the injury to try and get back for the American Cup competition, but I felt it was best to let it rest and fully recover so that I’ll be ready for competitions later in the year.

USA Gymnastics: Can you talk about your goals for this year?

Price: After I recover, I plan to go to other international events, plus the Secret U.S. Classic, U.S. Gymnastics Championships, and hopefully, make the World Championships team.

USA Gymnastics: There is a national team camp going on in Huntsville at the Olympic Training Center this week. Do you miss being there?

Price: It feels very strange not to be there – I’m missing all of the girls. My teammate from Parkettes, Meredith Sylvia, is at camp. It’s strange that I’m not with her. She’s filling me in on what is happening though.

USA Gymnastics: Your photo has been showing up in all of the gymnastics publications lately. Have you experienced an increased notoriety since winning the World Cups?

Price: Yes, I’ve had a lot more publicity since the World Cup events went well. I got more than 10,000 followers on Twitter after the World Cup, which had been my goal for a long time. I probably need to set a new goal now.

USA Gymnastics: Good luck with your recovery, and we look forward to seeing you back in competition soon.

Price: Thank you.