Steven Gluckstein and Logan Dooley
© Volker Minkus

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Aug. 29, 2009 – Logan Dooley of Lake Forest, Calif., won two gold medals at the third World Cup of the 2009 Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup Series at the Ostend Sports Centre in Ostend, Belgium. Dooley claimed the title in men’s individual trampoline and then paired with Steven Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., to take top honors in synchronized trampoline.

Dooley, who trains at World Elite Gymnastics, won the trampoline gold medal with a finals score of 40.90. 2004 Olympic champion Yuriy Nikitin of the Ukraine took the silver medal with a 40.20, and Viachaslav Modzel of Belarus scored a 40.00 to earn the bronze. Gluckstein, who trains at Ultra Twisters, finished just out of medal contention in fifth place with a 39.30.

In synchronized trampoline, Dooley and Gluckstein won the gold medal with a 49.30. Yevgen Doka and Andriy Matvyeyev of the Ukraine was second at 48.90, with Manabu Yamaguchi and Hideyasu Ishikawa of Japan in third at 46.60.

Four-time U.S. champion, Kalon Ludvigson of Pocatello, Idaho/ Team Revolution, finished with the silver medal (73.70) in a tight senior men’s tumbling competition. World and World Games champion Andrei Krylov of Russia finished one tenth ahead of Ludvigson to take first place (73.80), while Canada’s Alex Seifert claimed the bronze medal (69.50).

The U.S women’s synchronized trampoline pair Alaina Williams of Huntsville, Ala. and Nani Vercruyssen of Honolulu tied the Netherlands’ Andrea Lenders and Tara Fokke with scores of 44.70, but finished in fourth place after a tie break decision. The gold medal went to Yuliia Domchevska and Olena Movchan of Ukraine with 46.10.

2009 Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup
Ostend Sports Centre
Ostend, Belgium
Aug. 29, 2009


Individual Trampoline
Senior Men
1. Logan Dooley, Lake Forest, Calif./World Elite Gymnastics, 40.90
2. Yuriy Nikitin, Ukraine, 40.20
3. Viachaslav Modzel, Belarus, 40.00
5. Steven Gluckstein, Atlantic Highlands, N.J./Ultra Twisters, 39.30

Synchronized Trampoline
Senior Men
1. Logan Dooley/ Steven Gluckstein, USA, 49.30
2. Yevgen Doka/ Andriy Matvyeyev, Ukraine, 48.90
3. Manabu Yamaguchi/ Hideyasu Ishikawa, Japan, 46.60

Senior Women
1. Yuliia Domchevska/ Olena Movchan, Ukraine, 46.10
2. Tatsiana Leaniuk/ Hanna Harchonak, Belarus, 45.40
3. Andrea Lenders/ Tara Fokke, Netherlands, 44.70
4. Alaina Williams/ Nani Vercruyssen, USA, 44.70

Senior Men

1. Andrei Krylov, Russia, 73.80
2. Kalon Ludvigson, Pocatello, Idaho/Team Revolution, 73.70
3. Alex Seifert, Canada, 69.50