Athlete Mobility

    Athletes may enter the new quad at their current level, or move down one level if needed. New athletes must begin no higher than level 7. If an athlete has met the current 2012 mobility requirements, they may move up one level; however, mobility forms must be completed and turned in to your State Chair for approval prior to competition in the next level. Beginning January 1, 2013, 2013/2017 mobility standards must be met. Until December 31, 2012, athletes may use the 2012 routines and code of points governing these routines. Judges who are current with recertification for 2012 may judge at these sanctioned competitions.

    Athletes wishing to use the new 2013 routines MUST meet the 2013 mobility requirements. If coaches and athletes choose to use the new routines prior to January 1, 2013. they must use the 2013-2017 code of points and all judges must have attended their 2013 recertification course prior to the competition in which mobility is to take place.

Judge Recertification

    All current judges must attend a full course prior to January 31, 2013, and take and test at their current level. All category 1 and FIG judges must take the category 2 course in order to obtain the new rules, then all judges must attend the 2013 FIG course or the category 1 course offered at National Championships, in order to keep their current category.

Purchase Code of Points, JO Guide

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