The Trampoline and Tumbling Elite Program Committee is made up of six members. Three voting members: Trampoline Coaches Representative, Double-Mini/Tumbling Coaches Representative, and the Trampoline & Tumbling Athlete Representative. Three non-voting members: Elite Committee Chair, Trampoline & Tumbling Program Director, and Trampoline and Tumbling Program Committee Chair.

The TTEPC is responsible for all athlete and coach selection procedures and policies, elite athlete training, development and support, annual review, revision, and submission of the Rules & Policies and the Code of Points pertaining to the Elite Program, and working closely with the Program Director.

A special election was held at the start of the year to elect the Coaches Representatives that served the remainder of the current term until the 2013 National Championships in Kansas City this July. Upon a recent call for nominations that closed June 21, Dmitri and Justen were the only 2 nominees thus winning by acclamation and will serve the term from now until 2014 US Championships.

  • Dmitri Poliaroush was elected to office for the Trampoline Coaches Representative.
  • Justen Millerbernd was elected to serve as the Double-Mini/Tumbling Coaches Representative.

Other members of the committee include:

  • Megan Gearhart, who is serving in two roles. She is the Trampoline and Tumbling Program Committee Chair and was appointed to serve as the interim Elite Program Committee Chair.
  • Karl Heger is the current Trampoline and Tumbling Athlete Representative and will hold that position until the athlete council elects a new representative later this fall.
  • Susan Jacobson is USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling Program Director.

There will be an election this fall to elect the new Elite Committee Chair that wills serve office until 2016.