Erin Blanchard
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MOBILE, Ala., April 20, 2008 – Erin Blanchard of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Steven Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., won trampoline and synchronized trampoline in the senior women’s and men’s divisions, respectively, at the 2008 U.S. Elite Challenge, held at the Mobile Civic Center Arena in Mobile, Ala. The U.S. Elite Challenge was the second of four qualifying events to determine which man and woman will represent the USA in individual trampoline at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Blanchard claimed the senior women’s title with a score of 101.60, followed by Alaina Hebert of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Alaina Williams of Colorado Springs, Colo., in second and third, respectively. Blanchard and Hebert teamed to place first in synchronized trampoline with a score of 83.70, and Williams and Brittany Dircks of Belford, N.J., finished second.

Also in the senior women’s division, Kaitlin Tortorich of Haymarket, Va., posted a score of 125.60 in tumbling to earn the title, and Leanne Seitzinger of Stafford, Va., and Susannah Johnson of Roanoke, Va., were second and third, respectively. Sarah Prosen of Apple Valley, Minn., finished first in double mini-trampoline with a 130.60, followed by Stephanie Toubman of Laguna Niguel, Calif., in second and Aubree Balkan of Carlsbad, Calif., in third.

In the men’s senior division, Gluckstein scored a 105.40 to finish first in trampoline, and Michael Devine of Winnebago, Ill., placed second and Logan Dooley of Colorado Springs, Colo., placed third. Gluckstein and Dooley posted a score of 131.90 to win the synchronized trampoline title, and Sean Kennedy of Holland, Mass., and Kyle Bowen of Middletown, N.J., were second. In tumbling, Chris Ford of Haymarket, Va., finished first with a score of 139.90, followed by Corey Whitfield of Detroit, Mich., and Brandon Sloan of Forest, Va., in second and third, respectively. Austin White of Irvine, Calif., won double mini with a 145.50, and Derek Stangel of Cedar Lake, Ind., was second and Tony Doles of Lubbock, Texas, was third.

Jeffrey Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., won the junior titles in men’s trampoline and synchronized trampoline. The other women’s junior champions at the U.S. Elite Challenge were: Dakota Earnest of Plains, Texas, trampoline; Ana Tortorich of Haymarket, Va., tumbling; Sarah Gandy of Paris, Texas, double mini; and Jane Truster of Lee’s Summit, Mo., and Savannah Vinsant of Newton, Texas, synchronized trampoline . For the junior men, the remaining champions were: Maurice Dunker of Marenge, Ill., tumbling; K.J. Heger of Rockford, Ill., double mini; and Casey Gesuelli of Middletown, N.J., and Gluckstein, synchronized trampoline.

The U.S. Elite Challenge featured competition in senior, junior and Level 10 divisions in four events: trampoline, synchronized trampoline, double mini-trampoline and tumbling.

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2008 U.S. Elite Challenge
April 17-18, 2008
Mobile Civic Center
Mobile, Ala.

Senior results

Senior women’s trampoline
1. Erin Blanchard, U.S. Olympic Training Center, 101.60
2. Alaina Hebert, U.S. Olympic Training Center, 100.20
3. Alaina Williams, U.S. Olympic Training Center, 100.10

Senior women’s tumbling
1. Kaitlin Tortorich, Capital Gymnastics NTC, 125.60
2. Leanne Seitzinger, Novak’s Gymnastics Center, 122.30
3. Susannah Johnson, Capital Gymnastics NTC, 116.20

Senior women’s double mini
1. Sarah Prosen, Gypsy Flyers, 130.60
2. Stephanie Toubman, American Powerhouse T&T, 127.80
3. Aubree Balkan, Bounce California, 100.40

Senior women’s synchronized trampoline
1. Alaina Hebert and Erin Blanchard, U.S. Olympic Training Center, 83.70
2. Alaina Williams, U.S. Olympic Training Center, and Brittany Dircks, Ultra Twisters, 79.50

Senior men’s trampoline
1. Steven Gluckstein, Ultra Twisters, 105.40
2. Michael Devine, J&J Tumbling and Trampoline, 103.80
3. Logan Dooley, U.S. Olympic Training Center, 102.10

Senior men’s tumbling
1. Chris Ford, Capital Gymnastics NTC, 139.90
2. Corey Whitfield, All World Gymnastics 118.00
3. Brandon Sloan, Capital Gymnastics NTC, 117.10

Senior men’s double mini
1. Austin White, World Elite Gymnastics, 145.50
2. Derek Stangel, Kristi’s Tumbling & Trampoline, 142.90
3. Tony Doles, Upsidedowners, 138.80

Senior men’s synchronized trampoline
1. Logan Dooley, U.S. Olympic Training Center, and Steven Gluckstein, Ultra Twisters, 131.90
2. Sean Kennedy and Kyle Bowen, Ultra Twisters, 67.60

Junior results

Junior women’s trampoline
1. Dakota Earnest, Acrospirits, 92.40
2. Hayley Butcher, Midwest Training & Ice Center, 91.90
3. Brittany Caddell, Acrospirits, 91.50

Junior women’s tumbling
1. Ana Tortorich, Capital Gymnastics NTC, 123.40
2. Kiara Nowlin, Waller’s GymJam Academy, 121.50
3. Elizabeth Flint, Capital Gymnastics NTC, 119.00

Junior women’s double mini
1. Sarah Gandy, Texas T&T Institute, 132.60
2. Shaylee Dunavin, All-American Gymnastics, 131.50
3. Kiara Nowlin, Waller’s GymJam Academy, 130.10

Junior women’s synchronized trampoline
1. Jane Truster and Savannah Vinsant, Twist & Shout, 118.00
2. Brittany Caddell, Acrospirits, and Shaylee Dunavin, All-American Gymnast