The Acro National Team Camp is taking place right now (Nov. 5-9) at the USA National Team Training Center in Huntsville, Texas. There are more than 60 acro athletes training in the camp comprised of Junior and Senior National Team Members as well as 11-16 age group team members.

The Acro team is training with the National Coaching staff of Youri Vorobiev, Vladi Vladev and Arthur Davis, along with our High Performance Administrator Carisa Laughon and clinicians Ivaylo Katsov and Ronda Francis.

Athletes at the camp include:

Emma Bentov-Lagman/Liliana Dyer/Cristin Connerney of First Class Gymnastics
Morgan Sweeney/Sophie Gruszka/Amanda Waterson of West Coast Training Center
Sarah Diamond/Elizabeth Kirchner/Lexi Leinonen of Acro Gym of San Antonio

Elanor Chang/Calista Davis/Madison Freed of Emilia’s
Isabel Chang/Alexandra Gladkova/Caitlyn Kicza of Emilia’s
Tess Isaacson/Holland Koller/Shai Stone of Xtreme
Caitlyn Mackrell/Schyler Shults/Satia Wilson of Acro Gym of San Antonio


Maxim Sedochenkov/Aisley Boyton of Realis
Anna Blough/Nathan Burns of Realis Gym
Devon Merwerth/Aiden Merwerth of Acro Gym of San Antonio
Jordan Gruendler/Timothy Massa of Acro Gym of San Antonio
Jarrett Darrah/Emma Fitzgerald of Nor Cal Acro
Angel Felix/Braiden McDougal of Realis Gymnastics

Maren Merwerth/Jessica Renteria of Acro Gym of San Antonio
Emily Davis/Aubrey Roselier of Acro Gym of San Antonio
Camilia Hernandez/Makena Ludeman of Acro Gym of San Antonio
Nicole Powell/Taylor Royes-Fletcher of Xtreme Acro
Calista Draves/Aranel Prevost of Xtreme Acro
Reagan Dubbels/Alex Edwards of Acro Gym of San Antonio
Ashley Monteiro/Emma Trujillo of Legacy
Sarah Ardantz/Analiese Feuerstein of Legacy
Hannah Alonzo/Jordan Liberto of Boerne Gymnastics Center
Gabrielle Collins/Sydney Martin of Leighann’s Acro and Tumbling Academy

Ethan Chang/Devon Freed/Samuel Lacy/Cade Shields of Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics
Sean Butehorn/Daniel Disman/Grant Shields/Sean Shields of Emilia’s Acro Gymnastics