Countries in the top ten include:

Russia, 99.375
Ukraine, 98.925
Belarus, 98.925
Spain, 97.762
Germany, 97.600
Bulgaria, 97.575
Japan, 97.225
Italy, 97.125
Poland, 96.837
France, 96.711

Individuals in the top five include:

Alina Kabaeva, RUS, 30.000
Elena Vitrichenko, UKR, 29.850
Yulia Raskina, BLR, 29.800
Youlia Barsoukova, RUS, 29.750
Eva Serrano, FRA, 29.750

United States rhythmic gymnast Jessica Howard (Jacksonville, Fla.) will advance to the all-around finals Saturday, Oct. 2, based on preliminary results.

Kate Jeffress
(Rockville, Md.) and Suzanne Pearson (Lakewood, Colo.) competed well for the United States in preliminary competition.