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School of Recreational Gymnastics


The School of Recreational Gymnastics is for gymnastics instructors and teachers working with children in preschool and school-aged recreational programs in gymnastics clubs, community centers, schools, and other places.

In the School of Recreational Gymnastics there are four different certificate programs offered to meet the vocational and educational goals of each individual.

The certificate programs are progressive and one must complete one certificate level prior to moving to the next. Coursework for the next certificate program can be pursued at any time.


The Instructor certification requires no prior experience with gymnastics. The courses are designed to equip individuals with the information and confidence to teach recreational gymnastics to preschool and/or school aged children.

  • No experience needed
  • Learn all gymnastics disciplines

Course Requirements:

Developmental Teacher

The development teacher certification utilizes the foundations of teaching that have been developed either from U100: Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction and/or some experience with the sport of gymnastics. The courses required provide instruction for further development of recreational gymnastics coaching skills.

  • Some experience with the sport of gymnastics required,
  • And some experiences with Preschool and School age entry level instruction

Course Requirements:

And two (2) of the following:

Advanced Teacher

The Advanced Teacher Certification is for the more experienced recreational coaches, who show leadership in the gym with other coaches. The courses taken for this certification adds depth to the instructor’s existing knowledge, in order to strengthen one’s coaching skills and gifts as a leader in the gym.

  • Some experience as a mentor, or lead teacher
  • Exhibits a heighten level of class management

Course Requirements:
You must be Instructor Certified and Developmental Teacher Certified
U301 Stewards of Children
U109: Bloodborne Pathogens
Three (3) courses from the Recreational Gymnastics course list.
See “Course Catalog” for a list of available courses.


The Director Certification is for those who desire to carry out the organizing, planning, and development of the recreational program at one’s gym. The courses required for this certification cover a broad spectrum of the sport of gymnastics and will foster the creativity and leadership skills required for the director’s position.

  • Some experience with lesson planning and staff training required
  • And executes leadership roles within the organization

Course Requirements:

General requirements for University Admission

The certificate program can be achieved by completing designated “core” course work and school specific courses. Courses and other requirements vary depending on the school of study and the specific certificate program.

Regardless of what area of study one chooses, everyone within the university must:

  • Successfully complete U100: Fundamentals Of Gymnastics Instruction Course (online)
  • Be a current USA Gymnastics Member (Professional, Junior Professional, Instructor, Athlete).
  • Be responsible for knowing the course requirements for the certificate program they are pursuing. (While course requirements can and will change for different certificate programs, those who have already received their certificate will maintain as active/current.)


  • Admission to multiple schools within the university is permitted.
  • Course requirements are subject to change at any time.
  • Designated purchased technical material, and free downloads are eligible for credit. Proper paperwork for credit must be submitted to USA Gymnastics.