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Complete Course Catalog

Courses are organized by the school/emphasis. One can identify a course/school/emphasis by the first letter (i.e., U, R, W), and, generally, the level of the course by the following three (3) numbers (i.e., 100, 101, 200).

The descriptions provide one with a general sense of what the course/event is like, and offer a brief overview of what one may learn while attending. Each instructor/coordinator of a given course is responsible for communicating any further information.

  • U: General University Course Work
  • R: Recreational Gymnastics Specific Courses
  • W: Women’s Program Specific Courses
  • M: Men’s Program Specific Courses
  • B: Business Specific Courses
  • T: Trampoline & Tumbling Program Specific Courses
  • G: Group Gymnastics/Gymnastics for All Program Specific Courses
  • Y: Rhythmic Program Specific Courses
  • A: Acrobatic Program Specific Courses
  • J: Judging Specific Course

B: Business Specific Courses