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School of Competitive Gymnastics - Acro


With the Acrobatic Gymnastics Emphasis, one may achieve four certificate program options. Each certificate offers a unique set of courses to equip coaches with the knowledge required to achieve excellence.

The certificate programs are progressive and one must complete one certificate level prior to moving to the next. Coursework for the next certificate program can be pursued at any time.


The Instructor Certification is for those who are just beginning to coach gymnastics. The course(s) required for this certification provides a good foundation for future development of coaching skills and techniques.

  • All gymnastics disciplines will be engaged
  • Available to all coaches, instructors, and teachers
  • Focuses on beginning levels of gymnastics

Course Requirements:

Junior Olympic Development Coach

The Junior Olympic Development Coach Certification focuses on educating coaches with gymnasts who are at the pre-team and/or beginning compulsory levels (levels 1-7). The courses required for this certification enhances coaching skills and strengthens training techniques for gymnasts at the previously stated levels.

Course Requirements:

And two (2) electives chosen from the following courses:

Junior Olympic Team Coach

The Junior Olympic Team Coach Certification provides the course work to enhance one’s coaching skills and techniques as they relate specifically to athletes at the competitive compulsory and/or beginning optional (levels 8-10). This certification offers flexibility in course selection to address one’s specific needs to achieve excellence.

Course Requirements:

  • You must be Instructor AND Junior Olympic Development Coach Certified
  • U109: Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Two (2) courses chosen from the Acrobatic Gymnastics course list.
    See “Course Catalog” for a list of available courses.

And one (1) elective:

  • Any one (1) course offered by USA Gymnastics University:
    See Course Catalog” for a list of available courses.

And practical experience of being the personal coach a Level 8-Level 10 athlete on the floor of National Championships.

National Coach

The National Coach Certification is for coaches working with optional level athletes (Elite). This certification offers courses that will help coaches develop skills and techniques that will foster growth, improvement, and excellence with one’s athletes and one’s self.

Course Requirements:

  • You must be Instructor, Junior Olympic Development Coach AND Junior Olympic Team Coach Certified
  • Two (2) courses chosen from the Acrobatic Gymnastics course list.
    See “Course Catalog” for a list of available courses.

And one (1) elective chosen from the following courses:

And practical experience of being the personal coach an Elite athlete on the floor of Elite Nationals or Elite Acro Cup.

General Requirements For University Admission

The certificate program can be earned by completing designated “core” course work and school specific courses. Courses and other requirements vary depending on the school of study and the specific certificate program.

Regardless of what area of study one chooses, everyone within the university must:

  • Be a current USA Gymnastics Member (Professional, Junior Professional, Instructor).
  • Be responsible for knowing the course requirements for the certificate program they are pursuing. (While course requirements can and will change for different certificate programs, those who have already received their certificate will maintain as active/current.)


  • Admission to multiple schools within the university is permitted.
  • Course requirements are subject to change at any time.
  • Designated purchased technical material, and free downloads are eligible for credit. Proper paperwork for credit must be submitted to USA Gymnastics.