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Technical Committee Minutes

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  • Joint Jr. Olympic/Technical Committee minutes from June 14, 2012
    Includes: NAWJC, Compulsory Program, Process for Evaluating and Naming a New Element, Technical Concerns on All Four Apparatus, General Technical Issues, Rules & Policies Changes, Member Services Report, Xcel Program, 2013-17 Optional Program
  • Women’s Technical Committee minutes from May 13-15, 2012
    Includes: Judges’ Fees for Regional Championships, Use of Electronic Devises on the Field of Play, Revisions of Forms, 2012 Congresses Technical Core Courses, 2013 National Technical Symposium, 2013-2017 Jr. Olympic Code of Points development, 2013 USA Brevet and National Judges Online Courses, 2013 and beyond Judges Ratings.
2011 Committee Minutes
  • Women’s Technical Committee minutes from Nov. 4-6, 2011
    Includes: 2013 USA Brevet and National Judges’ Courses, WTC Symposiums, Online Beginner Optional Judging Courses, Volunteer Requirements for USA Brevet and National Courses, 2012 National and Regional Congresses, 2005-2013 Compulsory Clarifications, Eligibility to Judge at Levels 1-4 and Xcel, Affiliation of Judges, New Elements for the J.O. Optional Program, J.O. Optional Program Survey, CPE Clarifications, 2011 Technique Project, J.O. Code of Points Appendix Items
  • Women’s Technical Committee minutes from May 16-17, 2011
    Includes: Regional Judges’ Fees, 2013 Judges’ Courses, New Business, East/West & JO National Judges’ Recommendations, L9-10 FX, Practice Judging Online, JO Code of Points Clarifications
  • Joint Jr. Olympic/Technical Committee minutes from May 16, 2011
    Includes: Judges’ Fees, Use of Video Review, Mats for Mounting Bars and Beam, JO Optional Vault, Landing Deductions, Level 8 Restrictions, Review of New Compulsory Program, Apparatus
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2006 Committee Minutes
  • Women’s Technical Committee minutes from May 2, 2006
    Includes: JO Code of Points, NAWGJ Report, Judging Accreditation, Compulsory bars, and Judges’ training materials.
  • Women’s Joint Jr. Olympic and Technical Committee minutes from May 1, 2006
    Includes: Elite/GK report, NCAA report, Administrative committee report, pre-elite committee report, Ryles and Policies, Time frame for changing a score, Timing of touch warm-ups, Score review and sectional and state meets, Uneven bars fall time, Warm-ups on floor exercise, Jueges’ feee scale, Level 4 vault, Compulsory bars, Compulsory beam, Compulsory floor, Regional competitions, General Execution deductions, Additions to the JO Code of Points, Element values, General execution, Connection and difficulty additive value, Level 9 bonus, Touch warm-up for optional vault, Optional vault, Dismount regulations on bars and beam, Level 7 changes, Level 8 bar clarificatons, Special requirements on bars, Optional beam, Optional beam and floor, and Floor exercise.
2005 Committee Minutes
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