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2026-30 USA Brevet & National Judges Course

Introduction Letter

In an effort to promote Education, Service and Leadership for our judges, the Women’s Technical Committee is excited to introduce a new Category system for differentiating National and USA Brevet rated judges beginning with the 2026-2030 cycle.

The goal of this program is to acknowledge those judges who are supportive and dedicated to the sport of gymnastics and to identify, recognize, and empower our leaders for the future.

In 2026-2030, National judges’ will be made up of 4 Categories (1-4), with Category 1 requiring the most involvement, down through Category 4, requiring the least amount of involvement.

In 2026-2030, USA Brevet judges’ will be made up of 2 Categories (1-2), similarly with Category 1 requiring the most involvement.

Judges will have the opportunity to earn credits in the required areas of Education, Service, and Leadership. Credits are earned yearly and accumulated over a four (4) year cycle. Total credits earned in a cycle will determine a judge’s eligibility to apply to a corresponding Category.

All supporting documents to assist judges in the transition from the current model of a single National and USA Brevet rating to the four (4) Category system can be found in the Forms section under the 2026-2030 USA Brevet & National Judges Course information page.


  1. READ through the NEW Category Description & Eligibility Criteria table to understand the criteria for each Category and to determine which Category you think you may qualify for in 2026 (forms MUST be turned in by Nov 1, 2025).
  2. READ through the NEW USA Brevet or National eligibility form so you are familiar with the requirements.
  3. PRINT the Documentation form. Moving forward you will record all activities and collect all signatures for each required Education (E), Service (S), and Leadership (L) area.
    • Use the Activity Involvement form to determine how many credits you have earned for your activities thus far and enter those credits on your Documentation form.
    • If you have already collected signatures for your activities on the current USA Brevet/National eligibility form, you will not need additional signatures.
      • EXCEPTION: for any Leadership credits you have already earned, you MUST submit retro-active, a Leadership approval form to your RTCC for signature.
    • Any USA Gymnastics or NAWGJ elected officer may sign for Education or Service activities.
      • Only RTCC can sign for Leadership activities.
  4. PRINT the USA Brevet or National Eligibility form according to your current rating. Keep track of credits earned every year. At the end of the cycle turn in the Eligibility form and Documentation form to your RTCC.

If you have further questions, please contact your RTCC.

Thank you
Women’s Program Technical Committee

Who needs to complete a 2026 Judges' Course Eligibility Form?

  • Any individual interested in maintaining their USA Brevet or National rating for the 2026-2030 cycle
  • Any current Level 10 judge who has held the rating since Dec 31, 2018 and is interested in testing up to a National rating.
  • Any former Elite National Team member interested in judging