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Updated USAG Concussion Policy and Documents

With the release of the newest consensus statement on concussion in sport, USAG has updated our concussion policy to reflect best practices. The most significant changes are that strict rest after a concussion is no longer recommended and the athlete no longer needs to be completely symptom-free to begin Stage 1 of the return-to-sport protocol. As always, athletes must seek guidance from a medical professional who specializes in concussion care after a concussion or a suspected concussion and prior to starting any stage of the return-to-sport strategy. See the updated policy for more information.

As a reminder USAG members clubs are required to have a concussion policy. USAG has provided a template for member clubs to use to develop a club-specific policy as well as information for coaches, parents, and athletes on our concussion web page. An updated education module on concussion for our members is coming soon.