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Call for Nominations – Elite Committee (EC) Double Mini Representative

Nominations are open for the T&T Elite Committee (EC) Double Mini Representative until Friday, February 16th, 2024. Any active T&T Competitive Coach, Judge or Meet Director members, and any active Owner/Managing Directors of T&T member clubs may submit nominations for the EC Double Mini Representative.

Please visit here to submit your nomination.

After the nomination period closes, candidates will submit a resume to the USAG T&T Program Office within a week of being notified of nomination. The election will be conducted online and open for 2 weeks with resumes of candidates available as well. Member Clubs with Elite athletes at that last year’s USA Gymnastics Championships (2023) will elect the ECs discipline representatives (1 vote per Club). The newly elected Double Mini Representative will sit on the Elite Committee for the remainder of the current term which ends August 2026.