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USA Gymnastics Professional Journalism Policies

USA Gymnastics strives to maintain a professional work environment for journalists covering events. By accepting a media credential to cover a USA Gymnastics event, media
agree to follow the policies specified below.

  1. Those working from the press section will not applaud, whistle or cheer during competition.
  2. Members of the media are granted access to media areas strictly for the purpose of serving as a journalist. Media members are not permitted to pitch to other media or place publicity materials in any media areas without permission from USA Gymnastics staff.
  3. Credentialed media shall not ask for athlete autographs or pose for photographs with athletes while inside the venue.
  4. Media credentials are issued to working press only and are granted at the discretion of USA Gymnastics.
  5. Freelance reporters or photographers will not be credentialed without a specific assignment.
  6. Web and broadcast media outlets must adhere to USA Gymnastics web and broadcast coverage agreement in addition to the policies mentioned in this document.
  7. Any non-editorial or commercial use of any picture, audio, film/tape/digital image or drawing of this event is prohibited without prior, specific, written authorization form USA Gymnastics.
  8. Athlete seating areas, the field of play and warm-up gyms are off-limits to the public and accredited media unless otherwise specified. Interviews must be conducted in designated media areas or coordinated in advance.
  9. All media must respect the work environment of their colleagues by maintaining a quiet and professional atmosphere in the media workroom, photo workroom and press seating.
  10. Photographers and videographers shooting on the field of play may not communicate with or signal to the competitors or coaches at any point during the competition.
  11. Media may only observe the designated training session on podium training day; all other training sessions are closed to the media.
  12. Hours of operation are posted for the media workroom and access to the venue. These are the only hours when media may be in the venue.

USA Gymnastics reserves the right to enforce the above rules including revocation of suspension of accreditation. If you have questions about any of the policies, please contact a member of the USA Gymnastics media staff.