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Effective March 15, 2011, USA Gymnastics will implement the first phase of changes to the way our members interact with our online membership information.

We strongly believe this new system will revolutionize the way our members, club owners and meet directors use the USA Gymnastics website for searching, updating and accessing membership specifics. In addition, our meet directors will have the ability for a more stream-lined approach to obtain sanction paperwork and verification of members that plan on attending their respective events.

These changes will affect your ability to log in to the USA Gymnastics website.

Please see below for log in instructions, as well as an overview of some of the other many enhancements you will encounter:

Log In
One of the largest changes that USA Gymnastics members will encounter is the process of logging into the USA Gymnastics Member Services page.

The log in process has been updated to allow you to log into your membership information from any screen on the USA Gymnastics website.

Simply press the log in link located in the upper right hand corner on any page of the USA Gymnastics website. For the first time user, you will be asked to register your personal information, your current USA Gymnastics member number, as well as create your own user id and password.

That’s right, your OWN username and password. No longer will your username and password be the standard USA Gymnastics member number and the 8 digit date of birth format mmddyyyy.

Once you are logged into the site you will notice at the top of the right hand screen your name will appear. You will remain logged into the USA Gymnastics website, until you click on the log out link that appears next to your name.

My Membership
This is the greatest advancement to our website. Once you log in all of your current membership information will appear to the left hand side.

From your membership profile you will easily be able to update/change personal information, club affiliation, print membership card, as well as renew your membership without ever needing to re-login or re-enter your login information.

Club Administration
Club Owners have asked and USA Gymnastics has listened, we realize that many club owners assign their office managers and secretaries to the task of updating and renewing the memberships within their club. But, often these individuals encounter difficulties using the online registration system because they do not have the appropriate log in information required to do so. Well, a solution has been found.

The Club Administration feature will allow the club owner, primary contact, or anyone the club owner deems as an administrator to access and update the club information, review, print and renew, both their athlete and professional member roster(s) and print membership cards.

A key point to the club administrator feature is that it will allow for multiple individuals within a club to have the same functionality without the constant need of knowing the club number and club password. They need only know their own personal user id and password.

Anyone that the club deems necessary may be assigned as an administrator. These individuals do not have to be current USA Gymnastics members. A clubs office staff, president of booster clubs etc, may create a username and password on the USA Gymnastics website. Once an individual has registered and created their own username and password, an existing club administrator may log in to their account and assign the individual as a new club administrator.

The updated sanction feature has a variety of new and enhanced tools for a meet director to prepare for an upcoming event.

A meet director will now have the ability to see a full list of current sanctions, to which they are assigned as the meet director, as well as the ability to print off those sanctions report forms.

There has also been a great enhancement to the way a meet director can confirm membership fort those athlete and professional members that will be attending the event.

Please note: unless the individual that is logged in is a current Professional member, with existing sanctioned event, some of the features listed above will not appear.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns while using the new system please feel free to contact Member Services at 800-345-4719 – [email protected].