An icon in the gymnastics community, Marc Yancey passed away Wednesday morning, March 27, in Sugar Land, Texas, from complications and kidney failure related to pneumonia.

Marc was one of the premier coaches in the country and a national judge and former Brevet, who coached or worked with many Junior and Senior National and World Team members. He also served as the Chairman of the Men’s Program Committee (1994-2001), Jr. National Coaching Staff, the Sims Scholarship Foundation President, and many other national and Texas state program committees. On the MPC, he was an expert at keeping order with multiple (sometimes conflicting) coaches and leaders of differing genres.

Marc was a great orator and ordained minister who spoke with elegance, passion, and precision to individuals and large groups; to athletes and coaches. He gave presentations at USAG National Congress, GAT, and National Coaches Workshop. He ran multiple meets including many state and regional championships and worked directly with the Ricky Deci International Invitational and announced the men’s portion of the Houston National Invitational in Texas for several years.

Marc’s true passion was coaching, and he coached up to the time of his passing. Marc received numerous honors and distinguished service awards from the Gymnastics Association of Texas and was a recipient of Frank Cumiskey Service Award, the highest award given by the USAG Men’s Development Program. His most current joy was coaching with his former gymnast, Sam McArthur, at Enrich Gymnastics in Richmond, Tex. Marc will be remembered as a pioneer, leader and legend of the men’s and women’s gymnastics communities. He is survived by his wife Elaine and son Colter.