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Most National Titles

Prior to the formation of USA Gymnastics, the national governing body for the sport, gymnasts competed for the AAU. Please refer to the following notes when classifying the champion:

  • Prior to 1963 – All recognized as AAU champions
  • 1963 – 1970 – Noted as either AAU or USA Gymnastics champions
  • 1971 – present – All recognized as USA Gymnastics national champions

From 1963-70, separate AAU and USA Gymnastics champions were recognized, so two champions may be listed for the same year.

Two-Time U.S. Champions

Three-Time U.S. Champions

Four-Time U.S. Champions

Five-Time U.S. Champions

Six-Time U.S. Champions

Seven-Time U.S. Champions

Eight-Time U.S. Champions

Youngest & Oldest Champions

Consecutive Jr. Champions

Most Number of U.S. Event Titles

NOTE:  Information is based on records from 1963 to the present.