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Valeri Liukin

Class of 2016· Disciplines(s): Women's Artistic· Inducted as: Coach

Liukin is a co-founder and owner of WOGA. He coached Nastia Liukin, who won the 2008 Olympic all-around title and has five Olympic and nine World medals to her credit; Rebecca Bross, who has six World medals; Katelyn Ohashi, who has five U.S. junior titles, including the 2011 all-around crown; and Vanessa Atler, who won the team gold and vault bronze medals at the 2000 Pacific Alliance Championships.

His coaching accomplishments and accolades include U.S. National Team coach, 1998-2011; International Coach of the Year, 2002, 2004; International Gymnastics Hall of Fame, 2005; USA Gymnastics Coach of the Year, 2006; U.S. Team head coach, 2007 Pan-American Games; 2008 U.S. Olympic Team coach; and 2009 International Gymnastics Coach of the Year.

As an athlete, Liukin was a member of the Soviet National Team from 1985-92. During his career, he won two gold and two silver medals at the 1988 Olympic Games, five gold medals at the 1990 Goodwill Games, and two gold and one bronze medals at the 1987 and 1991 World Championships.

He was also the first gymnast to perform a triple back flip on floor and has a horizontal bar skill named after him.