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Bonnie Davidson

Class of 2003· Disciplines(s): Trampoline & Tumbling· Inducted as: Athlete

Bonnie Davidson has been a personality in the sport of Tumbling and Trampoline for 34 years. Bonnie was the first woman to serve on the Technical Committee of the International Trampoline Federation, and currently, she serves on the boards of the U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics. Davidson was the President of the Indo-Pacific Trampoline and Tumbling Federation and is an International judge for both FIT and the International Sports Acrobatics Federation.

Davidson has coached many National and World Champion athletes, and her team won the National Tumbling Team title for ten consecutive years. Bonnie was named Coach of the Year by USA Trampoline and Tumbling in 1980 and was awarded the Master of Sport in 1989. Bonnie currently resides in Rockford, Illinois, with her husband James.