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Nora Campbell

Class of 2020· Disciplines(s): Rhythmic· Inducted as: Lifetime Achievement

Campbell committed her life to advancing the sport of gymnastics. Campbell started her illustrious career as the first USA representative to the FIG Rhythmic Judging Course in 1972 in Bulgaria. She was a charter member of the USA Gymnastics Federation Rhythmic Gymnastics Committee, developed the first rhythmic compulsory program, and became the first Rhythmic Program Director for the U.S. Gymnastics Federation.

She organized the first Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championships in 1973 and another in 1983. She was also the USA Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach for the World Championships in 1973. A brevet-rated judge, she was the delegation leader for the U.S. rhythmic gymnastics program at three Pan American Games, two Goodwill Games, six World Championships, and four Olympic Games.

For the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Campbell led a tremendous undertaking sculpting and nurturing, from concept to fruition, the representation of the U.S. in the category of rhythmic gymnastics. Under Campbell’s professional guardianship of the rhythmic gymnastics program, she sent seven individual gymnasts and six group gymnasts to a total of four Olympic Games.